NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook

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  • Develop a variety of application types using different libraries with Ant, Maven, and NetBeans
  • Refactor code efficiently and quickly
  • Manage databases with ease from within your IDE
  • Configure your mobile development environment
  • Develop enterprise applications using the latest Java EE 7 technologies
  • Version-control your applications with a variety of different providers
  • Use the latest testing and profiling tools
  • Extend NetBeans with an array of new features

From the start to the end of a Java project's lifecycle, this book will show you how to perform many key tasks with the NetBeans IDE, uncovering more about mobile, desktop, and enterprise Java along the way.

You will start by creating Java projects and learning how to refactor and use NetBeans tools to increase developer efficiency. You will then get a walkthrough of how to create a desktop application before covering JavaFX and mobile applications and how to use external services within them. Having seen how to create many different types of applications, you will then be shown how to test and profile them before storing them in revision control systems such as Git or Subversion. Finally, you will learn how to extend NetBeans itself by adding new features to the IDE.

  • Increase developer productivity using features like refactoring and code creation
  • Test applications effectively using JUnit, TestNG and Arquilian
  • A recipe based guide filled with practical examples to help you create robust applications using NetBeans
Page Count 386
Course Length 11 hours 34 minutes
ISBN 9781782167761
Date Of Publication 27 Oct 2014


David Salter

David Salter is an enterprise software developer and architect who has been developing software professionally since 1991. His relationship with Java goes right back to the beginning, when he used Java 1.0 to write desktop applications and applets for interactive websites. He has been developing enterprise Java applications using both Java EE (and J2EE) and open source solutions since 2001. He has also written NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook and Seam 2.x Web Development and coauthored Building SOA-Based Composite Applications Using NetBeans IDE 6, all by Packt Publishing.

Rhawi Dantas

Rhawi Dantas is a software engineer from Recife, Brazil, with several years of Java development expertise, focused mainly on server-side development. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and is currently doing his Masters in Software Systems from Tampere University of Technology. He is also certified as SCJP, SCWCD, and SCSNI.