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  • Work with raw threads, synchronize threads, and coordinate their work
  • Work effectively with a thread pool
  • Develop your own asynchronous API with Task Parallel Library
  • Use C# 5.0 asynchronous language features
  • Scale up your server application with I/O threads
  • Parallelize your LINQ queries with PLINQ
  • Use common concurrent collections
  • Apply different parallel programming patterns
  • Work with Windows 8 asynchronous APIs
  • Use Reactive Extensions to run asynchronous operations and manage their options

In an age when computer processors are being developed to contain more and more cores, multithreading is a key factor for creating scalable, effective, and responsive applications. If you fail to do it correctly, it can lead to puzzling problems that take a huge amount of time to resolve. Therefore, having a solid understanding of multithreading is a must for the modern application developer.

Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook is an easy-to-understand guide to the most puzzling programming problems. This book will guide you through practical examples dedicated to various aspects of multithreading in C# on Windows and will give you a good basis of practical knowledge which you can then use to program your own scalable and reliable multithreaded applications.

This book guides you through asynchronous and parallel programming from basic examples to practical, real-world solutions to complex problems. You will start from the very beginning, learning what a thread is, and then proceed to learn new concepts based on the information you get from the previous examples.

After describing the basics of threading, you will be able to grasp more advanced concepts like Task Parallel Library and C# asynchronous functions. Then, we move towards parallel programming, starting with basic data structures and gradually progressing to the more advanced patterns. The book concludes with a discussion of the specifics of Windows 8 application programming, giving you a complete understanding of how Windows 8 applications are different and how to program asynchronous applications for Windows 8.

  • Delve deep into the .NET threading infrastructure and use Task Parallel Library for asynchronous programming
  • Scale out your server applications effectively
  • Master C# 5.0 asynchronous operations language support
Page Count 268
Course Length 8 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781849697644
Date Of Publication 25 Nov 2013


Eugene Agafonov

Eugene Agafonov leads the development department at ABBYY and lives in Moscow. He has over 15 years' professional experience in software development, and he started working with C# when it was in its Beta version. He was a Microsoft MVP in development technologies in 2006-2018, and he often speaks at local software development conferences in Russia about cutting-edge technologies in modern distributed applications development. His main professional interests are cloud-based software architecture, scalability, and reliability. He is the author of the Multithreading with C# Cookbook and Mastering C# Concurrency books by Packt Publishing.