Modernize ASP.NET Web Apps with Azure App Service [Video]

More Information
  • What Azure App Service is and what it does
  • Provision App Service, configure it, and deploy your applications on it
  • Modernize your application using the microservice, serverless, and container approach
  • Use powerful App Service features for scalability, high availability, security, network connectivity, or business continuity
  • Automate and industrialize your provisioning and deployment
  • Test, scale, and secure your application on Azure infrastructures

Do you want to transform and modernize your legacy applications for the cloud? Azure App Service lets you quickly build, refactor, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade web apps running on any platform, without having to manage the infrastructure. You will take a typical legacy ASP.NET web application and transform it into a modern application with ASP.NET Core and Azure App Service as the main drivers of the change.
By the end of this course, you will have the skills to use Azure App Service to refactor, modernize, deploy, and highly scale your legacy applications.
The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Style and Approach

This practical guide demonstrates how to use Azure App Service features and functionalities to get the best out of your ASP.NET Core web application.

  • Practical training in using Azure App Service in a fast and effective way to refactor your ASP.NET applications on the cloud
  • Learn all about the Azure App Service platform, from getting started to deployment and security
  • Covers the most relevant topics to help you understand Azure and Azure App Service functionalities and modernize your ASP.NET applications
Course Length 3 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781789804454
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Marius Zaharia

When cloud computing was taking off in the late 2000s, Marius Zaharia perceived its enormous potential. From then, he closely followed the evolution of cloud technologies, with a focus on IaaS, PaaS. or hybrid architectures, and particularly in Azure, Microsoft's cloud. He has a mixed background as a developer and IT professional, positioning himself as a consultant on complex application projects and training and coaching teams on developing, administering and architecting cloud solutions. As Azure MVP and Advisor, Marius Zaharia works closely with Microsoft product teams to give feedback and insights into various Azure services and technologies, then accompanies them in popularizing solutions for the market and users. Marius is a passionate and proactive member of the Azure community, a blog writer, community manager for the AZUG FR community, an organizer of cloud-related events, and—in his limited spare time—a guitar player and music producer.