The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2019) [Video]

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  •  Learn to deploy production grade apps on Docker
  • Learn the way professional developers use Docker
  • Master tips and tricks for DevOps using Docker
  • Solve real-world problems while working on Docker projects

 JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there, but that doesn't mean it's easy to learn. You end up wasting time on out-of-date courses and incomplete YouTube tutorials that talk about JavaScript features without showing how to use them to build real-world applications. Sound familiar?

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2019) starts from scratch and builds up your knowledge of the JavaScript language. Yes, you'll learn all the features of the language, but you'll also learn how to use those features in unison to create a complete application.

This comprehensive course covers the following:

  • Modern ES6 and ES7 JavaScript feature used in the real world.
  • Build three JavaScript applications.
  • Learn with over 80 challenges designed to get you writing code, adding app features, and solving a wide range of problems.
  • Enhance your skills and confidence to create your own web application (no starter projects here).
  • Launch a JavaScript application, from the first line of code to the final deployed application.

Enrolling in this course will make you a candidate for the JavaScript Specialist certification. As a JavaScript Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help companies, brands, and development firms create high-quality websites code. Your knowledge will be critical to teams that develop websites with JavaScript as you help them create high-quality, highly maintainable code.

  • Learn more quickly from our videos.
  • You'll get a second exposure to all the information presented in a video taken from the Framework Course Guide
  • Gain experience with confidence-building activities

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All the code files are placed at

Style and Approach

This course is designed in such a way that each section covers a new scenario and uses a step-by-step approach to help you learn and understand each concept.

  • Deploy your applications to the web so you can share them with everyone
  • Learn to use promises and Async/Await with asynchronous JavaScript
  • Get more done by learning how to debug and fix your code when things go wrong
Course Length 29 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781838983734
Date Of Publication 28 May 2019


Andrew Mead

Andrew Mead - A Full-stack Developer & Teacher

Andrew is a full-stack developer living in beautiful Philadelphia! He launched his first course in 2014 and had a blast teaching and helping others. Since then, he has launched 3 courses with over 110,000 students and over 18,000 5-star reviews. He currently teaches JavaScript, React, and Node. Before he ever thought about teaching, he created a web app development company. He has helped companies of all sizes launch production web applications to their customers. He had the honor of working with awesome companies like Siemens, Mixergy, and Parkloco. He had a Computer Science degree from Temple University, and I've been programming for just over a decade. I love creating, programming, launching, learning, teaching, and biking. He can't wait to see you inside one of my courses!