Mobile Test Automation with Appium

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  • Discover Appium and how to set up an automation framework for mobile testing
  • Understand desired capabilities and learn to find element locators
  • Learn to automate gestures and synchronize tests using Appium
  • Take an incremental approach to implement page object pattern
  • Learn to run Appium tests on emulators or physical devices
  • Set up Jenkins to run mobile automation tests by easy to learn steps
  • Discover tips and tricks to record video of test execution, inter app automation concepts
  • Learn to run Appium tests in parallel on multiple devices simultaneously

Appium is an open source test automation framework for mobile applications. It allows you to test all three types of mobile applications: native, hybrid, and mobile web. It allows you to run the automated tests on actual devices, emulators, and simulators. Today, when every mobile app is made on at least two platforms, iOS and Android, you need a tool that allows you to test across platforms.

Having two different frameworks for the same app increases the cost of the product and time to maintain it as well. Appium helps save this cost.

With mobile app growth exploding, mobile app automation is mainstream now. In this book, author Nishant Verma provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts of Appium while diving into how to set up appium & Cucumber-jvm test automation framework, implement page object design pattern, automate gestures, test execution on emulators and physical devices, and implement continuous integration with Jenkins. The mobile app we have referenced in this book is Quikr because of its relatively lower learning curve to understand the application. It's a local classifieds shopping app.

  • How to automate testing with Appium
  • Apply techniques for creating comprehensive tests
  • How to test on physical devices or emulators
Page Count 231
Course Length 6 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781787280168
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2017


Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma is a co-founder of TestVagrant Technologies. It’s a service start-up addressing testing solutions for B2C companies with a focus on mobile and web, and helps companies deliver faster and reliably.

Nishant has 11 years of experience in software development and testing. He has worked with IT companies such as ThoughtWorks Inc., Aditi Technologies, and Altisource. He has extensive experience in setting up agile testing practices, functional and non-functional test automation, mentoring, and coaching. In the past, he has worked on web UIs and specializes in building test solutions in the mobile domain. He has hands-on experience with test automation tools such as WebDriver (Selenium2), Calabash, Frank, Appium, Watin, Sikuli, QTP, and DeviceAnywhere.

He actively maintains his own website on testing techniques, agile testing, automation techniques, and general learning. He has contributed to leading testing journals such as Testing Circus and Software Developer's Journal, and has been an active speaker at vodQA (testing event of Thoughtworks).

Nishant has authored a reference book on how to use Appium for automating Android apps using Java, which is available on Gitbook. It has received close to 200,000 views, 40,000 readers online, and has been downloaded around 3,000 times.