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Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices

Tim Speed, Darla Nykamp, Joseph Anderson, Jaya Nampalli, Mari Heiser

Mobile phones and tablets enhance our lives, but they also make you and your family vulnerable to cyber-attacks or theft. This clever guide will help you secure your devices and know what to do if the worst happens.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693608
Paperback242 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how mobile devices are monitored and the impact of cloud computing
  • Understand the attacks hackers use and how to prevent them
  • Keep yourself and your loved ones safe online

Who This Book Is For

Mobile security is one of the most talked about areas in I.T. today with data being stolen from smartphones and tablets around the world. Make sure you, and your family, are protected when they go online.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Living in a Mobile World
The dangers of mobile computers
Precursors to the smartphone revolution – Internet, social-networking, and spam
The new mobile world
Mobile purchasing and identification methods – who needs credit cards?
The cloud
Chapter 2: Users and Mobile Device Management
Protecting the corporations
Mobile and business
Buying your device
Mobile Device Management
Acceptable use policy (AUP)
Chapter 3: Privacy – Small Word, Big Consequences
Troy and You
Data good enough to steal
Good idea, mixed results
And that's only the first part…
Who has your data? Round 1…
Who has your data? Round 2…
Who has your data? Round 3…
Who has your data? The final stretch…
Your data in their hands
Will your money be "too" mobile?
Bring your mobile device to work day
Steps you can take to protect yourself
Chapter 4: Mobile and Social – the Threats You Should Know About
A prediction of the future (and the lottery numbers for next week) scams
Social engineering
Future threats
Steps you can take to protect yourself
Summing it up
Chapter 5: Protecting Your Mobile Devices
Identifying your phone – the numbers that set your device apart
Preventative measures – how to reduce the likelihood that your device will be hacked
In the event that your device has been compromised
Summing up
Chapter 6: Support and Warranty Insurance
Toby's story
The smartphone – a personal device, a company device, or both?
The wide world of customer service and technical support
OS operators, manufacturers, and service providers
How to get the most out of your technical support experience if you have a malfunction
Warranties in the mobile space
In a nutshell
Chapter 7: Baby Boomers, Teens, and Tweens
The boom in baby boomers
Colliding generations
Speaking of the younger generation…
Chapter 8: Getting Your Life Back After You've Been Hacked
Device profiles
Have you been hacked?
In the event of a hack
Summing it up

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how mobile devices are monitored
  • Identify threats to you, and your family's privacy
  • Ensure the safety of your device and identity
  • Recover from being hacked
  • Deal with a compromised or lost device
  • Learn in detail about device support and insurance in detail

In Detail

The threat of hacking may be the most damaging on the internet. Mobile technology is changing the way we live, work, and play, but it can leave your personal information dangerously exposed. Your online safety is at risk and the threat of information being stolen from your device is at an all- time high. Your identity is yours, yet it can be compromised if you don’t manage your phone or mobile device correctly.

Gain the power to manage all your mobile devices safely. With the help of this guide you can ensure that your data and that of your family is safe. The threat to your mobile security is growing on a daily basis and this guide may just be the help you need.

Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices will teach you how to recognize, protect against, and recover from hacking attempts and outline the clear and present threats to your online identity posed by the use of a mobile device.

In this guide you will discover just how vulnerable unsecured devices can be, and explore effective methods of mobile device management and identity protection to ensure your data's security. There will be special sections detailing extra precautions to ensure the safety of family members and how to secure your device for use at work.


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