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Mobile Prototyping with Axure 7

Will Hacker

Designing for mobile is different, which is why prototyping is so important. This book takes you through Axure’s capabilities in this field with an example-led, hands-on approach that helps you get started quickly.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849695145
Paperback118 pages

About This Book

  • Walk through the steps needed to build mobile interactions in Axure
  • Deploy your prototypes on devices and in users’ hands
  • Download Axure RP 7 files and get started immediately

Who This Book Is For

If you are a mobile-centric developer/designer, or someone who would like to take their Axure prototyping skills to the next level and start designing and testing mobile prototypes, this book is ideal for you. You should be familiar with prototyping and Axure specifically, before you read this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prototypes and Why We Use Them
Reasons for prototyping
Axure RP for prototyping
Fidelity decisions
When not to prototype
Axure Version 7
Chapter 2: Mobile Design Concepts
The pencil is your first design tool
Context is king
Knowing our users
Know the platform
The network is (mostly) always available
Content is navigation
Designing for touch
Screen real estate
Alternative inputs
Mobile-friendly forms
Chapter 3: Installing and Setting Up Axure
Installing Axure
Setting things up
The workspace
Chapter 4: Building Mobile Prototypes
Mobile prototypes
Chapter 5: Adaptive Views
Planning Adaptive Views
Chapter 6: Mobile Interactions
Building a menu system
A loader
Dialogs and Alerts
Mobile forms
Chapter 7: Drag-and-drop
Using OnDrag and OnDragDrop events
Chapter 8: Viewing on Mobile Devices
Hosting prototypes

What You Will Learn

  • Design adaptive views for responsive web designs
  • Create mobile-friendly forms
  • Develop navigation tab bars and menus
  • Produce gesture-based interactions
  • Work with drag-and-drop interactions in mobile design
  • Devise home screen icons and splash screens for mobile apps
  • Use Dynamic Panels to organize mobile app screens
  • Publish prototypes for testing and viewing on mobile devices

In Detail

Mobile app and website design are two of of the most popular areas of user experience design. Axure RP 7 allows you to design and build mobile prototypes and deploy them to real devices for testing and stakeholder review. It also allows you to create an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding. Axure 7 has new features such as new widget events, page events, adaptive views, and so on, that give you more flexibility while building mobile prototypes.

If you have experience with Axure but have never designed anything for mobile devices or responsive design, this book will get you started right away. This book contains working examples of how to complete some common mobile design tasks using Axure and focuses on creating rich, functional prototypes for mobiles, whether they are apps or websites.

Using this practical, example-oriented guide, you will learn how Axure RP 7 can be used by user experience designers to create and deploy mobile prototypes on smartphones and tablets.

You will also learn how Axure RP 7 can be used to create adaptive views for multi-device designs, sliding menus, mobile-friendly forms, drag and drop interactions, tool bars, and basic transitional animations common to mobile apps. You will get to know how to publish prototypes so that they can be tested or demonstrated on a real mobile device.


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