Mobile App Development with PhoneGap [Video]

More Information
  • Use the PhoneGap Desktop app to create new PhoneGap mobile apps
  • Use the PhoneGap Desktop app and PhoneGap Mobile app to test new apps
  • Create a new PhoneGap app template
  • Test a PhoneGap project in the browser
  • Include the JQuery library for UI
  • Create single and multi-page user interfaces
  • Create collapsible content blocks to optimize mobile screen space
  • Use jQuery Mobile UI elements to create usable mobile apps
  • Use the Local Storage object for permanent on-device storage
  • Storing data in the on-device database
  • Retrieving data from the on-device database
  • Obtain the device's location using geolocation tools
  • Obtain location information with the Google Places API
  • Obtain location information and Maps from the Google Maps API
  • Play audio and video content on the device
  • Control media content using Javacript
  • Determine device position on X,Y and Z axis with the accelerometer
  • Use the accelerometer to move on-screen objects
  • Access device hardware including the camera
  • Obtain and save images with the camera
  • Detect gestures using the Hammer.js library
  • Integrate taps and press gestures in to your application
  • Integrate swipe and pan gestures in to your mobile app
  • Determine information about the device on which your app is running
  • Work with device orientation
  • Determine information about the network to which device is connected
  • Determine battery status of device
  • Send a push notification to an app
  • Process a push notification so it appears in the messaging bar
  • Configure the Config.xml for app release
  • Build with Adobe PhoneGap Build
  • Build with the Command Line Interface
  • Complete pre-release testing of a mobile app

Want to develop applications for iOS and Android, but don't want to learn yet another programming language? PhoneGap is your answer. With PhoneGap you can develop complete mobile applications using HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

Style and Approach

You'll learn from extensive on camera demonstrations and be able to download the many examples you see the instructor create on screen. This course gets practical very quickly as you'll be working with the phone hardware and interacting with the same real-world API's that professional developers use everyday-- such as Google Places and Google Maps

  • Develop applications for iOS and Android without learning yet another programming language
  • Work with the phone hardware and interacting with the same real-world API's that professional developers use everyday such as Google Places and Google Maps
Course Length 5 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781788470698
Date Of Publication 5 Jun 2017