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Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development

Jayaram Krishnaswamy

Moving business applications and data to the cloud can be a smooth operation when you use this practical guide. Learn to make the most of SQL Azure and acquire the knowledge to build enterprise-ready applications.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849680806
Paperback420 pages

About This Book

  • Develop large scale enterprise applications using Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Understand how to use the various third party programs such as DB Artisan, RedGate, ToadSoft etc developed for SQL Azure
  • Master the exhaustive Data migration and Data Synchronization aspects of SQL Azure.
  • Includes SQL Azure projects in incubation and more recent developments including all 2010 updates


Who This Book Is For

If you are a .Net developer, an architect, or a DBA who wants to develop enterprise applications and projects and extend your on-site skills with SQL Azure, then this book is for you.

This book does not assume experience in Windows Azure or SQL Azure, nor is a high level of competency in SQL Server or the .NET Framework and associated technology required. However, a basic understanding of Visual Studio, C#, VB, SQL Servers, XML, web and WCF is required. If you decide to work with SQL Azure, then this book will provide you with the most up to date and practical information.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure Services Platform
What is cloud computing?
Why a business would like to move its business applications and data to the cloud
Types of cloud services
How cloud computing is implemented with examples of some major cloud computing vendors
Windows Azure
Getting started with Azure Platform and accessing services
Chapter 2: SQL Azure Services
Overview of SQL Azure Services
Accessing SQL Azure Services from the portal
Creating a user database and setting up a firewall
Connecting to SQL Azure from SQL Server Management Studio
Working with SQL Azure from SQL Server Management Studio
Basic administration of the database objects
Basic monitoring of the database
Chapter 3: Working with SQL Azure Databases from Visual Studio 2008
SQL Azure architecture
Microsoft data access technologies
The easy way to connect to SQL Azure using ADO.NET 3.5, ODBC, and OLE DB
Application using a SqlConnectionStringBuilder to connect to SQL Azure
Using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) to connect to SQL Azure
Creating database objects using ADO.NET
Creating database objects with SQL Server API
Chapter 4: SQL Azure Tools
Microsoft tools
Brand new tools
Third-party tools
SQL Azure and OpenOffice
Chapter 5: Populating SQL Azure Databases
Sample databases used in this chapter
Using SQL Server Management Studio with scripts
Using the SQL Server Migration wizard
Migration from MySQL to SQL Azure using SQL Server Migration Assistant 2008 for MySQL
Using SqlBulkCopy
Chapter 6: SSIS and SSRS Applications Using SQL Azure
Merging sharded data
Moving a MySQL database to SQL Azure database
Creating a report using SQL Azure as data source
Accessing SQL Azure from Report Builder 3.0
Chapter 7: Working with Windows Azure Hosting
Tools needed to develop and host Cloud Service applications
Create and deploy an ASP.NET application
Windows Azure ASP.NET site with forms authentication
Chapter 8: Database Applications on Windows Azure Platform Accessing SQL Server Databases
Ground-to-Cloud access
Cloud-to-Cloud access
Cloud-to-Ground access
Chapter 9: Synchronizing SQL Azure
Using SQL Azure Data Sync Tool
Synchronizing SQL Azure data with SQL Server Compact
SQL Azure Data Sync Service
Chapter 10: Recent Developments
SQL Azure updates
SQL Azure security
Using SQL Azure Firewall API
SQL Azure with MS Access 2010
OpenOffice Access to SQL Azure
Accessing SQL Azure with non-.NET Framework languages
OData Service for SQL Azure
Consuming SQL Azure data with PowerPivot
SQL Azure with WebMatrix
More third-party tools to SQL Azure
Managing SQL Azure databases with the Houston Project (CTP1)
Data Application Component and SQL Azure
SQL Azure with Microsoft LightSwitch

What You Will Learn

  • An easy to understand briefing on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Services
  • Connect to SQL Azure using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Create and manipulate objects on SQL Azure using different tools
  • Master the different types of Cloud offerings
  • Access SQL Azure through best practices using Client and Server API’s in VB and C# and using hosted services with user authentication Windows Azure
  • Learn how to populate the SQL Azure database using various techniques
  • Create Business Intelligence Applications using SSIS and SSRS
  • Synchronize databases on SQL Azure with on-site enterprise and compact SQL Servers
  • Learn how to write an application to access on-site data from a cloud hosted service
  • Get a comprehensive briefing on various updates that have been made to SQL Azure and the projects still in incubation
  • Understand the future and evolving programs such as the Houston Project, OData Services, Sync Services, and more built to support SQL Azure and transform it into a global enterprise data platform


In Detail

SQL Azure is a database service in the cloud. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, SQL Azure is well suited for web facing database applications. Are you interested in moving your business applications and data to the cloud but are not sure how to go about it? Look no further; this book covers all you ever wanted to know about taking your relational enterprise data to the cloud using SQL Azure.

This book will show you how to manage SQL Azure using various tools and also guide you in developing enterprise applications and business intelligence solutions. It will take you through migration and synchronization scenarios with a variety of tools, help you in working with Microsoft technology still in incubation, and in leveraging hybrid applications that exist partially in the cloud and partially on the ground.

This step-by-step tutorial begins by providing an overview of Cloud Computing, introducing you to the most significant Cloud Computing implementations. You will then learn the mechanics of signing up and obtaining an account on Microsoft Windows Azure and logging into the portal.

The book then dives deep into SQL Azure, showing you how to provision a SQL Azure Server, and how to create/delete databases as well as set up Firewall rules so that you can access SQL Azure from tools/Client programs. It is then followed by details of how to access SQL Azure using Client and Server APIs.

Other content includes, a comprehensive description of tools required to access SQL Azure and how to use them and how to populate and migrate SQL Azure databases using a variety of tools.

Finally, the book will detail with examples, data-centric applications that leverage a mix of on-site data and Cloud based data, how to synchronize data and extend the applicability of SQL Azure data by disconnected applications on mobile media, and synchronize services for globally distributed data. After covering the topics of services which are in production, the book will then cover future developments as well as a complete update to SQL Azure at the time of writing this book.


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