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Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook

Peter Ward, Pavlo Andrushkiw, Richard Harbridge, Paul Galvin , Michael Hinckley , William Nagle

100 Essential Questions and Answers about SharePoint 2010 for Executives considering SharePoint deployments with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849686105
Paperback236 pages

About This Book

  • Forget lengthy technical SharePoint guides more suited for hands-on technical staff; get equipped with the knowledge of SharePoint’s business potential before deployment
  • Get to grips with SharePoint governance, the Cloud, staffing, development and much more from a business perspective in this book and e-book
  • An essential SharePoint Pocket Guide with useful Q&As for every business executive deliberating over SharePoint implementation

Who This Book Is For

“Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook” is the perfect companion for business executives or non-technical team leaders who don’t want to trawl through a detailed, hands-on functionality guide to get up to speed with SharePoint. If you simply need to understand important implementation decisions or have the confidence to challenge your technical team on an approach, this book will prepare you to ask the right questions and make the right decisions.

No prior knowledge of SharePoint is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Defining a SharePoint IT Strategy
Q: Can you define what a strategy is?
Q: What is an IT strategy?
Q: How do you create a SharePoint IT strategy?
Q: What is the intended outcome of the workshop?
Q: Who needs to be involved with the process?
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Chapter 2: Just Enough Governance
Q. What is governance?
Q. Why do we need it?
Q: So where do I start with governance?
Q: Who should be involved with SharePoint governance?
Q: Is it worth hiring a consulting firm to create your company's governance documentation?
Q: Why does it seem that SharePoint requires more governance than other technologies?
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Chapter 3: Deployment Roadmap
Q: Which edition of SharePoint is right for me?
Q: Where should I deploy SharePoint? What choices do I really have?
Q: What about licensing? What are my options and how much will it cost?
Q: SharePoint 2010 Development, Quality Assurance, Production — how many farms do I actually need?
Q: What do I need to know about storage requirements and their impact on my deployment strategy?
Q: Intranet, extranet — which SharePoint topology is right for me?
Q: What about authentication for end users; what options are available to me?
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Chapter 4: SharePoint in the Clouds
Q: What options do I actually have for cloud-based SharePoint 2010?
Q: How can I use Amazon Web Services for SharePoint 2010?
Q: This doesn't sound like a turn-key solution. Where does Amazon's responsibility end and where does mine begin?
Q: Can I create a Microsoft private cloud solution for SharePoint?
Q: Office 365 and SharePoint Online — how many offerings and plans are actually out there?
Q: What authentication options do I have for SharePoint Online?
Q: What about Windows Azure and SharePoint 2010? How can I take advantage of this offering?
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Chapter 5: SharePoint and Important Trends
Q: How big is SharePoint to Microsoft?
Q: Which IT trends matter?
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Chapter 6: How to get the .NET Developers on Board Quickly?
Q: What's so different about SharePoint development compared to .NET development?
Q: How should we approach SharePoint development?
Q: What roadblocks do new SharePoint developers face?
Q: What do I need to know to get started in SharePoint development?
Q: Do developers ever resist the SharePoint developer route?
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Digging deeper
Chapter 7: Growing SharePoint Capacity and Meeting Staffing Resource Needs
Q: What are the minimal SharePoint deployment and technical skill set I can get away with?
Q: What would be the typical SharePoint skill sets needed for different company sizes?
Q: How easy is it to train in-house technical staff on SharePoint?
Q: What kind of training resources are available?
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Digging deeper
Chapter 8: Managing your First SharePoint Project
Q: What factors should you take into consideration?
Q: Why is a SharePoint first project different to other technologies' first project?
Q: How do we decide upon our first project's scope?
Q: How do you plan for and design your first SharePoint project solution?
Q: What's the best way to execute?
Q: Should you implement in phases?
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Digging deeper
Chapter 9: Now What?
Q: How do I apply the concepts from this book to produce results?
Q: I have heard SharePoint projects often fail. How can this be avoided?
Q: How do I choose a company to partner with?
Q: Is it easy to offshore SharePoint development?
Q: How do I estimate a SharePoint development project?
Q: How easy is it for Java development teams to learn .NET SharePoint development?
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What You Will Learn

  • Get to the bottom of the business issue you really want SharePoint to solve
  • Think about governance from a simplified perspective which bridges the gap between the ‘Wild Wild West’ SharePoint environment, and documentation-heavy processes
  • Avoid wading through a myriad of versioning and deployment options, and understand how to deploy SharePoint to be aligned with a corporate strategy
  • Get to grips with both sides of what the Cloud can really do for SharePoint
  • Avoid the usual pitfalls of bringing your .NET developers up to speed quickly with SharePoint
  • Learn how to proactively spot the red flags of a SharePoint deployment
  • Have enough confidence in your technical SharePoint knowledge to assist the technical team, while focusing on making the right business decisions
  • Understand the things Microsoft doesn’t tell you about SharePoint deployment
  • Take advantage of best practices from MVP authors to ensure your first SharePoint project is a successful one

In Detail

The depth and breadth of SharePoint as a technology can be daunting to any executive managing a SharePoint technical team or pondering the next steps for an upcoming SharePoint deployment within their organization.

This book demystifies SharePoint and its potential business value with simple, non-technical answers to the everyday SharePoint questions that business executives should be asking.
SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest selling product, and from the outside has the perceived ability to do anything for anyone in any business. Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook is the starting point in the SharePoint knowledge process. It asks and answers the simple questions that business and technical managers should all understand about the challenges and opportunities that executives face when deploying SharePoint.

Unlike other technical SharePoint guides, “Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook” is the ultimate primer in SharePoint education, helping business executives understand what it can do, and preparing you to make the right decisions.
Along the way you’ll learn about cloud deployment approaches, managing your first SharePoint project, as well as taking a deep dive into how to define a SharePoint strategy and governance.
With this Pocket Guide in hand, you’ll be able to ask the right questions of your technical team and business stakeholders before pulling the SharePoint trigger.


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