Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7

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  • Learn how to configure a Windows Phone 7 for use in an Enterprise
  • Understand the enterprise features available out-of-the-box on Windows Phone 7
  • Discover the capabilities of Internet Explorer Mobile for Windows Phone 7
  • Learn how to target websites for Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Create a reusable site template in SharePoint
  • Replace the mobile home page in SharePoint
  • Customize SharePoint mobile page output for easy viewing on Windows Phone 7
  • Discover the Client Object Model in SharePoint
  • Build an example Windows Phone 7 Application that utilizes SharePoint data
  • Packed with resources and links to support further learning

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is a reinvention of the Windows Mobile platform and improves productivity by taking a fresh approach to the most common Smartphone business usage scenarios such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, and collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint is a Web technology-based server that can be used to build portals, collaboration sites, and also content management sites.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 allows you to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and create enterprise-ready websites and applications that access SharePoint Server on Windows Phone 7.

The book starts by providing an overview of the out-of-the-box features of Windows Phone 7 for enterprises then moves on to an overview of the web browser that is included on the phone, Internet Explorer Mobile, covering the improvements found over the desktop version of Internet Explorer 7 and the limitations of the browser. The book then dives deep into topics such as Windows Phone 7 Web Development, building SharePoint Sites for Windows Phone 7, building SharePoint Pages for Windows Phone 7, and SharePoint Communities amongst others.

  • Provides step-by-step instructions for integrating Windows Phone 7-capable web pages into SharePoint websites
  • Provides an overview of creating Windows Phone 7 applications that integrate with SharePoint services
  • Examines Windows Phone 7's enterprise capabilities
  • Highlights SharePoint communities and their use in a Windows Phone 7-connected enterprise
  • Learn from a distinguished author with hands on experience, and get started with developing SharePoint websites and applications for Windows Phone 7 quickly
Page Count 252
Course Length 7 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781849682589
Date Of Publication 19 May 2011


Todd Spatafore

Todd Spatafore is a Windows Insider MVP. He is currently working as an Engineering Manager for Vudu movies and TV. He is technically skilled at working with JavaScript, ASP.NET, and C#. He has been developing software professionally for 20 years and wrote a book on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7 and the publisher included three chapters to a compendium book. Todd graduated from Montana State University with a BS in Physics.