Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer's Compendium: The Best of Packt for Extending SharePoint

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  • Utilize PowerShell to access advanced SharePoint 2010 functionality with external libraries
  • Learn how to create custom PowerShell commands and Snap-Ins
  • Discover the benefits of integrating Silverlight with SharePoint such as the Silverlight Toolkit
  • Breathe life into business applications and complex workflows by creating a Silverlight RIA rendered in a SharePoint Visual Web Part
  • Create a List Event Receiver with Visual Studio
  • Gain a comprehensive introduction to programming in Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint including working with e-mail, contacts and calendars
  • Get to grips with building SharePoint Pages for Windows Phone 7

The SharePoint platform is ideal for developers looking to build exciting solutions, and SharePoint 2010 is more equipped than ever for the task. While plenty of SharePoint titles will help you understand general SharePoint development techniques or spend time focusing on one method or tool, "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer's Compendium: The Best of Packt for Extending SharePoint" offers you the option of using four different tools and platforms to achieve exceptional end user experience.

This book fills the gap for a comprehensive SharePoint title which describes the end goal of a SharePoint developer. So often books focus on development techniques for one tool; this will get you on your way to developing a good business website with a great user experience, however, you choose to get there, be it using PowerShell, Visual Studio, Silverlight, Windows 7 Phone, or a combination of all four.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Compendium: The Best of Packt for Extending SharePoint draws from five separate titles from Packt’s existing collection of excellent SharePoint titles:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows PowerShell 2.0: Expert Cookbook
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Development Blueprints

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Compendium: The Best of Packt for Extending SharePoint is an exciting mash-up of five existing Packt SharePoint titles for extending development techniques.

It begins with two never before seen Packt chapters from an exciting new title, giving you a quick overview of the options available for extending SharePoint. It then moves on quickly to building a community site and discusses PowerShell scripting, as well as integrating Silverlight animations and helping you get to grips with SharePoint development on Windows Phone.

With this book in hand you won't just find techniques for one development tool, you'll learn how to reach your end goal of developing a site with great user experience using a number of options at your fingertips.

  • Get to grips with extending SharePoint with a range of different tools in this comprehensive guide which draws on the value of five separate Packt SharePoint titles!
  • Learn about developing and extending SharePoint through both step by step tutorial and cookbook chapters in this book and e-book.
  • A mash-up book from a range of expert SharePoint professionals, and a total of five Packt titles - professional expertise distilled in a true sense.
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781849686808
Date Of Publication 22 Feb 2012


Gaston C. Hillar

Gaston C. Hillar is Italian and has been working with computers since he was 8 years old. Gaston has a Bachelor's degree in computer science (graduated with honors) and an MBA.


Currently, Gaston is an independent IT consultant and a freelance author who is always looking for new adventures anywhere in the world.


He was a senior contributing editor at Dr. Dobb's, and has written more than a hundred articles on software development topics. He has received the prestigious Intel® Black Belt Software Developer award eight times. He has written many articles about Java for Oracle Java Magazine.


Gaston was also a former Microsoft MVP in technical computing. He lives with his wife, Vanesa, and his two sons, Kevin and Brandon.

Todd Spatafore

Todd Spatafore is a Windows Insider MVP. He is currently working as an Engineering Manager for Vudu movies and TV. He is technically skilled at working with JavaScript, ASP.NET, and C#. He has been developing software professionally for 20 years and wrote a book on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7 and the publisher included three chapters to a compendium book. Todd graduated from Montana State University with a BS in Physics.

Balaji Kithiganahalli

Balaji Kithiganahalli is the CEO of Integrate, LLC that specializes in SharePoint implementations. Balaji has a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and has over 18 years of consulting experience in Microsoft technologies. Balaji has architected and implemented SharePoint solutions for many fortune 500 companies and government organizations. _x000D_ _x000D_ Balaji Kithiganahalli is the author of "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook".

Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Yaroslav Pentsarskyy has been involved in SharePoint solution architecture and implementation since 2003. As a Microsoft MVP since 2009 he keeps in close touch with the SharePoint product team. Yaroslav frequently presents at local and worldwide tech events as well as online; you can always find a fresh bit of SharePoint information on his blog: He is the author of two other SharePoint titles: “Top 60 custom solutions built on SharePoint 2010” and “SharePoint 2010 branding in practice”. _x000D_ _x000D_ Yaroslav Pentsarskyy is the author of "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows PowerShell 2.0: Expert Cookbook".

Mike Oryszak

Mike Oryszak is a Consultant and Practice Manager with Intellinet, a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner located in the South Eastern US. Mike works with customers to design and implement business solutions that leverage SharePoint as a platform. Mike is actively involved in the SharePoint community as the leader of the Triangle SharePoint User Group in Raleigh, NC as well as a frequent speaker at SharePoint events and conferences. Mike has been recognized for his community involvement as a three time Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for SharePoint Server. When not working, Mike can be found at home with his family or off hiking the many trails in the mountains of western North Carolina. Mike can be reached at or through his blog at

Series Editor: Carl Jones