Maven Build Customization

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  • Discover the power of Maven with a real project and practical examples
  • Develop a simple plugin to interact with databases and change the status of your bug tracker
  • Get to grips with Maven dependencies
  • Develop and test your own custom plugin
  • Customize your package with the Maven profile
  • Use the most powerful plugins to release and test your software
  • Install Maven, Nexus, and Hudson to manage your code efficiently
  • Build your first application with Maven, Gradle, and Android

Maven is one of the most popular tools used to control the dependencies and to administer a Java project. Maven can be used by newbies without the need to learn complex mechanisms, but it is also a powerful tool for big projects developed by different teams and organized over different modules and repositories.

This book will provide you with all the information you need, right from managing dependencies to improving the build process of your organization. Starting with a simple project, you will create your development environment step-by-step, automatically build your code from resources (XML, DB), and package your JAR, WAR, and EAR files for different environments. Furthermore, you will learn about the complex hereditary features of Maven.

Finally, this book will benefit you by teaching Maven-Gradle and Maven-Eclipse integration using the m2e plugin, managing the Maven repository from Gradle, and building a working Maven environment from Gradle.

  • Administer complex projects customizing the Maven framework and improving the software lifecycle of your organization with “Maven friend technologies”
  • Automate your delivery process and make it fast and easy
  • An easy-to-follow tutorial on Maven customization and integration with a real project and practical examples
Page Count 270
Course Length 8 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781783987221
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2014


Lorenzo Anardu

Lorenzo Anardu graduated in Computer Science from the University of Pisa with a thesis in Parallel Computing. He was born in Sardinia and currently lives in Tuscany where, since 2011, he started working at Autostrade Tech SPA. His main fields of interest are J2EE technology and Android development. He is an expert in optimization and high-performance computing. He has been working with Maven for 5 years, applying it in small and big projects for building and integration purposes. He loves to run.

Riccardo Giomi

Riccardo Giomi is a senior analyst and developer at Autostrade Tech SPA. He received the Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering in 1996 at the University of Florence. He usually works on large Java EE projects, all managed with Maven. He loves Java programming, mathematics, and playing the piano. He lives in Florence with his girlfriend Barbara.

Umberto Antonio Cicero

Umberto Antonio Cicero is a computer engineer; he received his degree from the University of Calabria. He was born, raised, and educated in Calabria (Italy) and currently lives in Tuscany. He works as a software developer, specialist in web environments and mobile applications. He has been involved in a large number of projects based on Java and Maven. In 2012, he started collaborating with Engineering SPA and started developing apps for Android. He loves Arduino and rock music.

Roberto Baldi

Roberto Baldi graduated in Information Technology from the University of Florence. He is a senior Java developer with 10 years of experience developing backend and frontend applications. He also has experience as a software analyst, Android developer, and Linux system administrator. He has been working at Softec SPA since 2011. He is interested in programming languages, operating systems, and developer tools. He lives in Pistoia (Italy) with his wife, Chiara, and his son, Alessandro.

Giacomo Veneri

Giacomo Veneri graduated in computer science from the University of Siena. He holds a PhD in neuroscience context with various scientific publications. He is Predix Cloud certified and an influencer, as well as SCRUM and Oracle Java certified. He has 18 years' experience as an IT architect and team leader. He has been an expert on IoT in the fields of oil and gas and transportation since 2013. He lives in Tuscany, where he loves cycling.