Mastering Spring MVC 4

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  • Set up your own web application using Spring Boot and Spring Tool Suite
  • Discover the MVC architecture and the different tools along with navigating between views
  • Design complex advanced-level forms and validate the model
  • Craft a RESTful application with a meaningful API and error messages
  • Create maintainable unit and acceptance tests
  • Secure your application while allowing it to scale
  • Optimize your requests with caching, ETags, and asynchronous responses
  • Deploy the web application to the cloud in a snap

Spring MVC is the ideal tool to build modern web applications on the server side. With the arrival of Spring Boot, developers can really focus on the code and deliver great value, leveraging the rich Spring ecosystem with minimal configuration.

Spring makes it simple to create RESTful applications, interact with social services, communicate with modern databases, secure your system, and make your code modular and easy to test. It is also easy to deploy the result on different cloud providers.

Mastering Spring MVC will take you on a journey from developing your own web application to uploading it on the cloud.

You begin by generating your own Spring project using Spring Tool suite and Spring Boot.

As you develop an advanced-level interactive application that can handle file uploads as well as complex URLs, you will dive into the inner workings of Spring MVC and the principles of modern web architectures.

You will then test, secure, and optimize your Spring web application and design RESTful services that will be consumed on the frontend.

Finally, when everything is ready, you will release your application on a cloud provider and invite everyone to see.

  • Design your own Spring web applications using tools such as Spring Boot and Spring Tool Suite
  • Secure your developments with easy-to-write, reliable unit and end-to-end tests
  • Deploy your application on the cloud for free and invite the whole world to see
Page Count 320
Course Length 9 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781783982387
Date Of Publication 13 Sep 2015


Geoffroy Warin

Geoffroy Warin has been programming since he was 10. A firm believer in the Software Craftsmanship movement and open source initiatives, he is a developer by choice and conviction. He has been working on the conception of enterprise-level web applications in Java and JavaScript throughout the course of his career.

At ease with both the backend and frontend, Geoffroy has a strong focus on Clean Code and testability. He believes that developers should strive for readable code that delivers constant value to their customers.

Pair programming and mentorship are his primary tools to promote a test-driven development approach and create great software designs.

He also teaches courses on Java web stacks and is a Groovy and Spring enthusiast.

Lately, he has been part of the reviewing team for Learning Spring Boot and Spring Boot Cookbook, both by Packt Publishing, which cover the latest major additions to the Spring ecosystem.

Check out his blog at and his Twitter account at for fresh Spring and JavaScript programming tips.