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  • Model data using interfaces, classes, and data classes
  • Grapple with practical interoperability challenges and solutions with Java
  • Build parallel apps using concurrency solutions such as coroutines
  • Explore functional, reactive, and imperative programming to build flexible apps
  • Discover how to build your own domain-specific language
  • Embrace functional programming using the standard library and Arrow
  • Delve into the use of Kotlin for frontend JavaScript development
  • Build server-side services using Kotlin and Ktor

Using Kotlin without taking advantage of its power and interoperability is like owning a sports car and never taking it out of the garage. While documentation and introductory resources can help you learn the basics of Kotlin, the fact that it’s a new language means that there are limited learning resources and code bases available in comparison to Java and other established languages.

This Kotlin book will show you how to leverage software designs and concepts that have made Java the most dominant enterprise programming language. You’ll understand how Kotlin is a modern approach to object-oriented programming (OOP). This book will take you through the vast array of features that Kotlin provides over other languages. These features include seamless interoperability with Java, efficient syntax, built-in functional programming constructs, and support for creating your own DSL. Finally, you will gain an understanding of implementing practical design patterns and best practices to help you master the Kotlin language.

By the end of the book, you'll have obtained an advanced understanding of Kotlin in order to be able to build production-grade applications.

  • Understand and leverage the syntax, tools, and patterns by writing code in Kotlin
  • Explore practical topics such as Java interop, concurrency with coroutines, and functional programming
  • Discover how to use Kotlin for build targets like Android, iOS, JavaScript, and backend service
Page Count 434
Course Length 13 hours 1 minute
ISBN 9781838555726
Date Of Publication 11 Oct 2019


Nate Ebel

Nate Ebel is a software developer who enjoys building great software and helping others do the same. He has worked with Android since its early days, across a variety of projects, from creative and educational apps, mapping and navigation applications, to the evolution of robotic controllers. Nate has a passion for technology, education, and software development, and enjoys opportunities to combine the three. He enjoys being involved in the Android developer community and is an active contributor through conference speaking, blogging, and event organizing. He is working to help himself and others dream, learn, and create in an effort to positively impact others.