Mastering Julia 1.0

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  • Install and build Julia and configure it with your environment
  • Understand multiple dispatch for a better coding experience
  • Interact with data files and frames to perform simple statistics and analytics
  • Display graphics and visualizations for modeling and simulation in Julia
  • Use Julia to interact with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Explore the best packages for machine learning with Julia
  • Work with distributed systems on the web and in the cloud
  • Develop your own packages and contribute to the Julia community

With its blazingly fast compilation of code and high-performance parallel execution, Julia continues to attract new developers. Because of its extensive mathematical library and support for cloud computing, the language is also gaining popularity among data scientists and is increasingly being used for big data projects.

Mastering Julia 1.0 starts by helping you brush up on Julia, before you go on to explore the latest improvements and features in version 1.0. Next, you will learn how to perform simple statistics and analytics with Julia, which will help you understand Julia's speed and performance capabilities, along with its applications in highly intensive computations. Dedicated sections will then guide you through the type system and principles of multiple dispatches, assisting you with programming more effectively. Further into the book, you’ll discover how Julia can be used to enhance graphics and data visualization. You will also learn to use graphics processing unit (GPU) support while performing machine learning tasks in Julia. Finally, you will gain insights into establishing networking and distributed computing with Julia.

By the end of this book, you will have the expertise you need to solve real-world challenges in data science with Julia.

  • Benefit from Julia's high-level support for parallelism and cloud computing for big data applications
  • Learn to solve advanced machine learning problems with the help of real-world scenarios
  • Excel at developing your own packages and contribute to the speedily growing Julia community
Page Count 463
Course Length tbc
ISBN 9781788298131
Date Of Publication 15 Nov 2019