Mastering Java EE 8 Application Development

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  • Understand the core features and concepts at the heart of the Jave EE technology, along with the latest additions into the stack
  • See the best practices and design patterns that can be used along with a specific API
  • Get equipped with the features offered by the JAVA EE platform to implement a web tier of the web-based application and see how to use it effectively
  • Implement web-based services and use those features effectively to provide services to client applications
  • Understand the role of multithreading in enterprise applications and integrate them for transaction handling
  • Get equipped with the features offered by the JMS API
  • Get to know the Java persistence API and Hibernate framework and use them in highly transactional environments

Java EE is one of the most popular tools for enterprise application design and development. This book addresses the challenges related to Java EE application development.

It begins by introducing you to the latest features in Java EE 8 and will also throw light on the application that will be built throughout the book. From there, we will go in depth into each of the three tiers of the application, exploring Web Services, Servlets, and the latest MVC architecture, in the first tier. In the middle tier, we will cover stateless EJBs and concurrency, and will go in depth into Java’s messaging service.

In the final tier, we will talk about integrating JDBC into an application, as well as using persistence offered by Java and other alternative frameworks. You will also see how to work with the Reactive architecture and Microservices, while taking advantage of the latest security features and authenticating your application. You will gain insights into profiling your app’s performance, and will see how to overcome issues related to distributed apps. Finally, you will get an overview of some deployment topologies.

  • Gain hands on experience using the technology to build enterprise-level applications and integrate them with other technology stacks of the Java EE
  • Speed up your application development by dissecting it into smaller microservices
  • Maximize enterprise beans for multithreading, asynchronous processes, transactions, and more
Page Count 699
Course Length 20 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781786469205
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2019


Sandeep Nair

Sandeep Nair has more than 11 years of experience of Java and Java EE technologies. His keen interest is in developing enterprise solutions using the Liferay platform, and he has been doing so for the past 9 years. He has executed projects using Liferay across various verticals, providing solutions for collaboration, enterprise content management, and web content management systems. He is also experienced with Java and Java EE. He has authored Liferay Beginner’s Guide and Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter. Travel, food, and books are his passions, besides coding.

Kapila Bogahapitiya

Kapila Bogahapitiya has around 6 years of experience in Java/JAVA EE application design and development. After graduating from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka with a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, he started his career in Exilesoft Pvt Ltd. in Sri Lanka as a software engineer. He worked on multiple projects involving a wide variety of technologies—JAVA EE, mobile applications (iPhone/iPad), and PHP.

He then moved to Gemalto Pvt Ltd., Singapore, as a system integration engineer, where he was involved in Singapore's first NFC-based mobile payment application including the design, development, and deployment of it. Kapila also worked on multiple optimization projects relating to the back office’s high volume transaction systems.

During his time at Gemalto, he authored his first book Learning Apache Maven 3 with Packt Publishing. He is also a contributor to the Network Time Protocol (NTP) open source project.