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  • Create databases and perform CRUD operations on them
  • Understand and build relationships (related to entities, keys, and properties)
  • Understand in-built, custom, and remote validation (both client and server side)
  • You will learn to handle concurrency to build responsive applications
  • You will handle transactions and multi-tenancy while also improving performance

Being able to create and maintain data-oriented applications has become crucial in modern programming. This is why Microsoft came up with Entity Framework so architects can optimize storage requirements while also writing efficient and maintainable application code. This book is a comprehensive guide that will show how to utilize the power of the Entity Framework to build efficient .NET Core applications. It not only teaches all the fundamentals of Entity Framework Core but also demonstrates how to use it practically so you can implement it in your software development.

The book is divided into three modules. The first module focuses on building entities and relationships. Here you will also learn about different mapping techniques, which will help you choose the one best suited to your application design. Once you have understood the fundamentals of the Entity Framework, you will move on to learn about validation and querying in the second module. It will also teach you how to execute raw SQL queries and extend the Entity Framework to leverage Query Objects using the Query Object Pattern. The final module of the book focuses on performance optimization and managing the security of your application. You will learn to implement failsafe mechanisms using concurrency tokens. The book also explores row-level security and multitenant databases in detail.

By the end of the book, you will be proficient in implementing Entity Framework on your .NET Core applications.

  • Learn how to effectively manage your database to make it more productive and maintainable.
  • Write simplified queries using LINQ to acquire the desired data easily
  • Raise the abstraction level from data to objects so teams can function independently, resulting in easily maintainable code
Page Count 361
Course Length 10 hours 49 minutes
ISBN 9781788294133
Date Of Publication 15 Dec 2017


Prabhakaran Anbazhagan

Prabhakaran Anbazhagan is a Microsoft Solution Architect living in Chennai, India. His passion for programming started while creating a website for his school, and that's where the never-ending journey started. He became the secretary of a technology group in college, creating websites yet again, automating symposiums, and much more.

He started his career at a prestigious product-based company; his knowledge was respected and recognized by his seniors, who let him develop tools and automation to sharpen his talents. Lucky guy! People hardly ever get to nurture their talent, but he got a handful of opportunities to sharpen his skills and become a Solution Architect, becoming a jack of all trades but still an expert in .NET.

Prabhakaran has more than 12 years of IT experience in architecting, designing, and developing mission-critical desktop, web, and mobile applications. He has experience in full-stack development spanning ASP.NET MVC, Web API, C#, Mobility expert in Swift, Objective-C, Blackberry Cascades, hybrid apps, SharePoint, JavaScript, jQuery, and MEAN.JS.