Mastering ASP.NET Web API

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  • Acquire conceptual and hands-on knowledge of ASP.NET Core (MVC & Web API)
  • Learn about HTTP methods, the structure of HTTP content, internet media types, and how servers respond to HTTP requests and their associated HTTP codes
  • Explore middleware, filters, routing, and unit testing
  • Optimize Web API implementations
  • Develop a secure Web API interface
  • Deploy Web API projects to various platforms
  • Consume your web API in front end application based on Angular 4, Bootstrap, and Ionic
  • Implement and explore the current trends in service architecture

Microsoft has unified their main web development platforms. This unification will help develop web applications using various pieces of the ASP.NET platform that can be deployed on both Windows and LINUX. With ASP.NET Core (Web API), it will become easier than ever to build secure HTTP services that can be used from any client.

Mastering ASP.NET Web API starts with the building blocks of the ASP.NET Core, then gradually moves on to implementing various HTTP routing strategies in the Web API. We then focus on the key components of building applications that employ the Web API, such as Kestrel, Middleware, Filters, Logging, Security, and Entity Framework.Readers will be introduced to take the TDD approach to write test cases along with the new Visual Studio 2017 live unit testing feature. They will also be introduced to integrate with the database using ORMs. Finally, we explore how the Web API can be consumed in a browser as well as by mobile applications by utilizing Angular 4, Ionic and ReactJS.

By the end of this book, you will be able to apply best practices to develop complex Web API, consume them in frontend applications and deploy these applications to a modern hosting infrastructure.

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of the latest specification of ASP.NET Core and all the changes to the underlying platform that you need to know to make the most of the web API
  • See an advanced coverage of ASP.NET Core Web API to create robust models for your data, create controllers, and handle routing and security
  • This book is packed with key theoretical and practical concepts that can be instantly applied to build professional applications using API with Angular 4, Ionic, and React
Page Count 330
Course Length 9 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781786463951
Date Of Publication 10 Aug 2017


Mithun Pattankar

Mithun Pattankar, who hails from Kalaburgi and lives in Bangalore, India, works with the leading MNC as a consultant. He has been developing .NET-based applications for over 12 years now. He has an industry-wide experience in building Desktop Apps (WPF), Web Apps (ASP.NET and client-side frameworks), and Hybrid Mobile apps (Ionic). He is involved in all aspects of application development, and mentors his junior team members. He has been actively working on building ASP.NET Web APIs for different frontends and conducts technical training as well.

Mithun believes in eating sattvic food for healthy living and loves spending time doing socio-spiritual activities. He occasionally blogs on and can be reached on Twitter at @mithunpattankar.

Malendra Hurbuns

Malendra Hurbuns is from South Africa, and lives in New Zealand, working for an Australian Company as a senior software developer. He has been developing in .NET for over 15 years. He mentors other developers and is involved in all aspects of development. He loves writing simple code that has a high quality. He is one of the pioneers in web API in his role, and he has implemented many live systems using ASP.NET Web APIs. TDD is also a topic close to his heart. He has worked in the accounting, banking, and simulation industries, which has provided him with a wealth of experience. He is a keen cyclist and swimmer.