Mastering AngularJS Directives

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  • Master the ability to alter and transform DOM in an AngularJS context
  • Utilize and customize a directive that uses the core animation service
  • Incorporate any third-party library, with Angular Zen, which has a focus on advanced DOM manipulation
  • Discover the advantages of directives that yield the ability to compile dynamic templates
  • Understand every directive API option and their available uses
  • Find out how and why different types of tests are used on all types of directives
  • Optimize and enhance your application with custom directives
  • Explore what the future has in store for AngularJS directives and how it will tie into the present style of writing directives

AngularJS offers many features that allow the creation of rich, compelling web applications. Directives are by far the most important feature to incorporate into any skill set. This book starts off by teaching basic and advanced techniques for the art of directive writing. The different techniques are taught by a series of examples that showcase when and why certain directives should be created, based on given use cases. It moves on to explain more about how to harness the potential of AngularJS, by incorporating external libraries, optimizing code, and using brand new functions such as animations.

Finally, the book includes an overview of the techniques and best practices that AngularJS developers need to keep in mind while developing their own applications. The overall goal of this book is to teach different aspects of directive writing that can be consumed by all levels.

  • Explore the options available for creating directives, by reviewing detailed explanations and real-world examples
  • Dissect the life cycle of a directive and understand why they are the base of the AngularJS framework
  • Discover how to create structured, maintainable, and testable directives through a step-by-step, hands-on approach to AngularJS
Page Count 210
Course Length 6 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781783981588
Date Of Publication 15 Jun 2014


Josh Kurz

Josh Kurz is a client-side technician who constantly pushes the realms of frontend technologies by mixing new-age theories and proven Computer Science concepts. He has successfully shown that AngularJS can be used to create some of the fastest, most usable data visualization applications while working at Turner. He also has a true passion for open source code and believes it is one of the reasons for his success. Currently, outside of work, he is practicing to become a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.