Learning Swift 2 [Video]

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  • Explore the fundamentals of Swift 2 to help you write applications with complex paradigms and patterns of programming
  • Integrate third-party libraries using CocoaPods
  • Work with TableViews, ScrollViews, NavigationController, and SearchControllers to display data in a user-friendly way
  • Get familiar with Alamofire to make web requests to third-party APIs.
  • Create a zoom in/out effect for photos using ScrollView
  • Adopt error handling in your projects using Enums
  • Understand the MVC design pattern linked with iOS development
  • Keep up with the latest advances with Swift in Linux and the new Package Manager

Swift 2 generates faster code across the board, both for release and debug builds. With Swift programmers having half as many code as other code files to maintain and zero manual code synchronization, Swift has experienced unprecedented growth in popularity among developers. In this course, we'll explore the MVC and Singleton design patterns, you'll see how to consume third-party APIs using asynchronous requests, and we'll look at some of the most used controls in iOS development.

This course provideS all you need to know to develop iOS and OS X applications. You'll take a tour of the fundamental concepts, and learn how to develop iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and OS X applications.

We'll kickstart your learning skills as you work with one of the most used dependency managers in iOS, Cocoapods, to install third-party libraries such as Alamofire and SwiftyJSON to deal with JSON and networking requests. You'll see how to structure your project with the MVC design pattern and implement a second view controller to display data and details of your application. It doesn’t end there, as we'll also explore Swift in Linux and the new Package Manager.

This course will teach you the main steps in the build process of an application, giving you the skills you need to create your own applications. 

Style and Approach

This step-by-step tutorial lays out each task on screen and explains it practically in detail so it's easy to follow and implement. All the key elements of the language are demonstrated with code examples.

  • Excel with the Swift 2 programming language and master all its features
  • Structure your project with the MVC design pattern
  • Develop real applications for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and OS X
Course Length 3 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781785882357
Date Of Publication 21 Jun 2016


Victor Sigler

Victor Sigler is an iOS Software Engineer with experience in developing consumer and enterprise mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. He has worked with Swift since Apple announced its release in the 2014 WWDC.

He loves everything related to Apple and is passionate about Swift and the world of programming contests and has spent a lot of time developing in C++. Victor also enjoys writing about iOS development on his blog http://www.vsigler.com and helping people with their questions on Stack Overflow.

He has worked as technical reviewer for Packt Publishing on Swift 2 Design Patterns and Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming Cookbook. He can be found on Twitter as @Vkt0r.