Learning Shiny

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  • Comprehend many useful functions, such as lapply and apply, to process data in R
  • Write and structure different files to create a basic dashboard
  • Develop graphics in R using popular graphical libraries such as ggplot2 and GoogleVis
  • Mount a dashboard on a Linux Server
  • Integrate Shiny with non-R-native visualization, such as D3.js
  • Design and build a web application

R is nowadays one of the most used tools in data science. However, along with Shiny, it is also gaining territory in the web application world, due to its simplicity and flexibility. Shiny is a framework that enables the creation of interactive visualizations written entirely in R and can be displayed in almost any ordinary web browser. It is a package from RStudio, which is an IDE for R.

From the fundamentals of R to the administration of multi-concurrent, fully customized web applications, this book explains how to achieve your desired web application in an easy and gradual way.

You will start by learning about the fundamentals of R, and will move on to looking at simple and practical examples. These examples will enable you to grasp many useful tools that will assist you in solving the usual problems that can be faced when developing data visualizations. You will then walk through the integration of Shiny with R in general and view the different visualization possibilities out there. Finally, you will put your skills to the test and create your first web application!

  • Present interactive data visualizations in R within the Shiny framework
  • Construct web dashboards in a simple, intuitive, but fully flexible environment
  • Apply your skills to create a real-world web application with this step-by-step guide
Page Count 246
Course Length 7 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781785280900
Date Of Publication 15 Oct 2015


Hernán G. Resnizky

Hernán G. Resnizky is a data scientist who is actually working as a freelance consultant in Argentina. He has worked for national and international clients from diverse industries in different domains related to data handling and analysis, such as data visualization, text mining, machine learning modeling, and so on. For over two years, he worked as a senior data scientist for Despegar (http://www.despegar.com/), the leading online travel agency in Latin America.

Regarding his academic background, Hernán has completed a licentiate degree (a five-year study program that is equivalent to a bachelor's and a master's degree) in sociology from the University of Buenos Aires. Also, he has completed his masters of science courses in data mining from the same university.

Hernán has a blog, www.hernanresnizky.com, where he writes about data science and R-related topics. Also, he has reviewed Web Application Development with R Using Shiny for Packt Publishing in the past.