Learning Qt 5 [Video]

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  • Get to know the basics of the Qt 5 framework, including libraries and modules for command-line applications such as networking and multithreading signals and slots 
  • Get well versed in GUI programming with the Qt 5 framework, from basic widgets and layouts to typical data models and views
  • Give your command-line app a pretty user interface
  • Dive into the world of Qt Quick 
  • Find out how to write dynamic, responsive UI in a declarative way with QML
  • Run your code natively through mobile applications with Qt, Qt Quick, and QML

Unlike platform-specific libraries, Qt enables developers to code once and run it everywhere, natively, including mobile platforms! Moreover, Qt is opensource and driven by communities around the world. This video begins by guiding you into the world of Qt 5 where developing cross-platform GUI applications is no longer a pain.

You’ll learn to work with both Qt (C++) and Qt Quick (QML). Then you’ll get familiar with common Qt modules and dive into GUI widgets. Finally, you’ll get a grip of Qt Quick and QML. Toward the end of the video, you’ll get great exposure to the Qt world and by the end of the course, you’ll be able to start amazing cross-platform projects!

Style and Approach

This is an easy to follow, example-based, comprehensive introduction to all the major features in Qt.

  • Learn the basics of Qt GUI application development and create your first GUI application with Qt framework 
  • Use built-in table or list widgets to enhance your GUI applications
  • Dive into QML and its syntax and explore its compatibility with JavaScript code
Course Length 3 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781787285972
Date Of Publication 28 Apr 2017


Symeon Huang

Symeon Huang is a full-stack software developer in a multi-national fintech corporation. He has been contributing to open source projects for several years in various areas. Symeon has always been passionate about cutting-edge technologies and elegant programming techniques. He has a few years of experiences in different technologies, from C++, JavaScript to Qt and GTK+. Some of the projects he's working on can be found on his GitHub page.