Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7 [Video]

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  • Learn about the basic concepts of OOP.
  • Learn about the tool and environment setup.
  • Explore different types of software testing.
  • Write unit test and understand the best practices.
  • Develop a Simple Bank App.
  • Learn important concepts like exception handling, events, delegates etc.
  • Explore the new features of C# 7.

The course is geared around the idea that you, the programmer, are very much interested in software development and really wants to understand how programming works. You love to keep your concepts clear by practicing it yourself. You are interested to learn the popular Object Oriented Programming language C# and to keep yourself updated about the latest features.

You will start by looking at the C# implementation of OOP. The section will be more about providing definitions and everyday examples. Next, you will learn to set up your tools and environment, Here you will come to know about different type of testing in software development and also learn what is unit testing with an example. You will then walk through software requirement and the important units in programmings such as classes, objects, structures, and interfaces. After briefly knowing about access modifiers and properties you will jump into implementing all these developing a simple bank application.

After that, you will learn about some more important topics like exception handling, events, delegates, and generics. Then you will start looking into the new features in C# 7. Along with understanding what is Tuples, OUT Variables and deconstruction you will also write some example code to visualize these new ideas. After that, you will continue learning about some other new features and see the benefits of these. Ref returns & locals, Pattern matching, and local functions are the topics you will learn at the last section of this video course.

Style and Approach

In a step-by-step manner, this video aims at teaching Object Oriented Programming in C#, in an engaging and interactive way and will cover the new features of C#7.

You will go through building an application using C# which allows you to incrementally demonstrate the different ways to build efficient, modular, object-oriented applications.

  • This course reviews the pillars of Object Oriented Programming but demonstrates how to construct those pillars through the use of C#7.
  • Explore the different ways we can build efficient, modular, object-oriented applications.
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming in C# 7, in an engaging and interactive way.
  • Explore new C#7 concepts such as pattern matching, Tuples, and more
  • Explore real-world examples.
Course Length 1 hour 47 minutes
ISBN 9781788296076
Date Of Publication 8 Nov 2017


Raihan Taher

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