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  • Learn the basics of using the Android Studio IDE and a number of basic programming concepts in Kotlin
  • Discover Android development by building Android apps with Kotlin
  • Uncover some amazing features of Kotlin that give it the upper hand over Java
  • Learn about Kotlin interoperability with Java
  • Integrate Crashlytics for crash reporting and beta testing.
  • Use Google Location services and understand various APIs available for getting user location updates
  • Understand the principles of networking and communication.
  • Learn about the usage of third-party libraries for loading of data
  • Automate your build process with continuous integration tools

Today Kotlin is an official programming language for Android development and is widely adopted. Kotlin is expressive, concise, and powerful. It also ensures seamless interoperability with existing Android languages like JAVA and C++, which means that it's even easier for developers to use.

This book adopts a project-style approach, where we focus on teaching Android development by building three different Android Application: a Tic-Tac-Toe application, a location- based alarm and a To-Do list application.

The book begins by giving you a strong grasp of the Kotlin language and its APIs as a preliminary to building stunning applications for Android. You'll learn to set up an environment and as you progress through the chapters and the building of the different applications, the difficulty level will steadily grow.

The book also introduces you to the Android Studio IDE, which plays an integral role in Android Development. It covers Kotlin's basic programming concepts such as functions, lambdas, properties, object-oriented code, safety aspects and type parameterization, testing, and concurrency, and helps you write Kotlin code to production.

Finally, you'll be taken through the process of releasing your app on the Google Play Store. You will also be introduced to other app distribution channels such as Amazon App Store.

As a bonus chapter, you will also learn how to use the Google Faces API to detect faces and add fun functionalities.

  • Experience the gentle learning curve of Kotlin as you develop your own applications
  • Learn how to integrate Kotlin into Android Studio 3 and use it in your projects
  • Build real-world applications such as Googly Eyes and games using Kotlin
Page Count 316
Course Length 9 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781788474641
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2018


Eunice Adutwumwaa Obugyei

Eunice Obugyei is a software engineer from Accra, Ghana, with over 7 years of experience in Android development. Eunice is currently a senior software engineer at DreamOval Ltd, where she focuses on backend development and native mobile development. She is young, energetic, and always looking for an opportunity to learn and improve the skills in her arsenal. She is passionate about figuring out solutions to problems and finding the simplest way out, and her love for TV series and movies is her escape from the rigors of work life. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Natarajan Raman

Natarajan Raman has close to 15 years of experience in software design and development. He is a Google-certified Nano degree holder in Android development and was invited as a guest by Google for the I/O 2017. His Android App Idea for special children got selected as one of the top 6 ideas out of 80-odd ideas, and was also featured by Google in the Code it possible program. He works for Patterns and is also the managing trustee of Dream India.