Learning Google Guice

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  • Optimize dependency injection using Guice as a solution
  • Develop a fictitious application harnessing the advanced features of Guice
  • Learn the intricacies of Binding, Scoping, and Injection
  • Master the various aspects of Guice pertaining to different areas of application development in Java
  • Learn how to harness the Guice-servlet extension for web development using Struts 2, JSP, Servlets, and Hibernate 3
  • Leverage AOP using Guice implementation of aopalliance.
  • Learn how to develop extensions using the Guice SPI

Google Guice is an open source software framework for the Java platform released by Google under the Apache License. It provides support for dependency injection using annotations to configure Java objects.

Learning Google Guice is a concise, hands-on book that covers the various areas of dependency injection using the features provided by the latest version of Google Guice. It focuses on core functionalities as well as the various extensions surrounding Guice that make it useful in other areas like web development, integration with frameworks for web development, and persistence.

Learning Google Guice covers Guice extensions which avoid complex API usage. You will start by developing a trivial application and managing dependencies using Guice. As the book gradually progresses, you will continue adding complexity to the application while simultaneously learning how to use Guice features such as the Injector, Provider, Bindings, Scopes, and so on. Finally, you will retrofit the application for the Web, using Guice not only to manage dependencies, but also to solve configuration related problems.

  • Detailed coverage of the various features of Guice such as the Injector, Bindings, Providers, TypeLiterals, Scoping, Multibinders, and so on
  • Learn how to use the various Guice-throwing providers, Guice-multibinder, Guice-servlet, Guice-struts2, and Guice-persist in various areas of application development
  • Focus on web application development using Struts 2, Hiberate 3, and JPA 2 while managing dependencies using Guice
  • Coverage of advanced topics such as extending Guice to cater for your specific requirements
Page Count 126
Course Length 3 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781783281893
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2013


Hussain Pithawala

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