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Learning Apache Maven 3 [Video]

Kapila Bogahapitiya

Get to grips with the basics and concepts of building a real world Java Application with Apache Maven
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Video Details

ISBN 139781782166665
Course Length1 hour and 59 minutes

About This Video

  • A practical example-driven approach to learning Apache Maven 3
  • Grasp the fundamentals and extend Apache Maven 3 to meet your needs
  • Learn to use Apache Maven with Java, Enterprise Frameworks, and various other cutting-edge technologies

Who This Video Is For

If you are a Java developer who wants to get started in Apache Maven and use it with a range of emergent and enterprise technologies including Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, and JAX-WS, then this video course is for you. No prior knowledge of Apache Maven is required to follow along with the examples.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Apache Maven
Installing Apache Maven on Windows
Installing Apache Maven on Mac OS X
Installing Apache Maven on Linux
Integrating Maven with Eclipse
Integrating Maven with NetBeans
Integrating Maven with IntelliJ IDEA
Sample Maven Application
Creating a Sample Application with Maven
Unit Testing with Maven
Maven Core Concepts
Maven Web Application
Developing web Applications with Maven
Maven Dependency Management
Struts2 Integration with Maven
Hibernate Integration with Maven
Spring Integration with Maven
Maven Multi module Project
Developing Multi Module Applications with Maven
Implementing Web Service Module
Implementing Web Service Client Module
Implementing the Web Application Module

What You Will Learn

  • Install, set up, and configure Apache Maven for your development environment
  • Understand the Maven Build Lifecycle
  • Learn about the Maven Dependency Management mechanism
  • Explore test-driven development with Maven
  • Integrate Spring and Hibernate frameworks into your Java Web applications
  • Discover Maven project aggregation and Maven Project Object Model Inheritance
  • Understand how multi-module project builds work
  • Learn to build Java Web service applications with JAX-WS

In Detail

Learn to craft websites that provide an optimal viewing experience on any device using HTML5. We will walk you through Responsive Web Design from digital mock-ups to finished products.

Learning Apache Maven 3 will take you through a detailed guide on building a real world Java application, covering core concepts and terminologies along the way. This video course is your answer to almost all your needs for building high-quality Java applications with well-explained code and a number of illustrations to make your learning easier and faster.

Learning Apache Maven 3 starts by building a “hello world” Java application and then leads you to build multi-module projects containing an MVC web application, a web service, and a web service client module using Enterprise Java Frameworks.

You will start the video course by setting up a development environment to work with Apache Maven 3. You will then create simple Java applications, and next move on to more complex Java applications with Apache Maven as the build tool.



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