Learn Website Hacking / Penetration Testing From Scratch [Video]

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  • Set up a lab environment to practice hacking; Install Kali Linux - a penetration testing operating system;install windows and vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Learn Linux basics, commands and how to interact with the terminal;understand how websites and web applications work; understand how browsers communicate with websites
  • Gather sensitive information about websites; discover servers, technologies, and services used on target websites. discover emails and sensitive data associated with a specific website
  • Find all subdomains associated with a website; discover unpublished directories and files associated with a target website; find all websites hosted on the same server as the target website
  • Discover, exploit, and fix file upload vulnerabilities, and much more.

Welcome to this comprehensive course on website and web application hacking! In this course, you will start as a beginner with no previous knowledge about penetration testing or hacking. This course is focused on the practical side of penetration testing without neglecting the theory behind each attack. Before jumping into penetration testing, you will first learn how to set up a lab and install the required software to practice penetration testing on your own machine. Then you will learn about websites, how they work, what they rely on, what is meant by a web server, a database, and how all of these components work together to give us functioning websites. Once you understand how websites work we will start talking about how can we exploit these components and this method of communication to carry out a number of powerful attacks. This course will take you from a beginner to a more advanced level. By the time you finish, you will be able to launch attacks and test the security of websites and web applications in exactly the same way that black hat hackers would do, fix these vulnerabilities, and secure websites from them. All the attacks in this course are practical attacks that work against any real websites. For each vulnerability you will learn the basic exploitation, then you will learn advanced methods that will give you more privileges or allow you to bypass security measurements.

Style and Approach

Hands-on learning from scratch

  •  Learn how to gather information about your target website and discover, exploit and fix a large number of vulnerabilities.
  • Learn what can you do with the access you gained from exploiting these vulnerabilities and much more.
Course Length 9 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781789346145
Date Of Publication 18 Apr 2018


Zaid Sabih

Zaid Sabih is an ethical hacker, a computer scientist, and the founder and CTO of zSecurity. He has good experience in ethical hacking; he started working as a pentester with iSecurity. In 2013, he started teaching his first network hacking course; this course received amazing feedback, leading him to publish a number of online ethical hacking courses, each focusing on a specific topic, all of which are dominating the ethical hacking topic on Udemy. Now Zaid has more than 300,000 students on Udemy and other teaching platforms, such as StackSocial, StackSkills, and zSecurity.