More Information
  • You will be able to create databases and modify them
  • You will become proficient in writing SQL queries
  • You will be able to validate and test database schema
  • You will have an in-depth understanding of advanced SQL concepts to test databases
  • JDBC ODBC Java programming knowledge to handle databases
  • You will ace SQL interviews with the included questions

This course covers: Introduction to SQL, MySQL overview, start up commands to setup databases and tables, database testing to validate Schema, altering table schema operations, queries to retrieve data logical operators on queries, wild cards usage in Qqeries, SQL functions with real time scenarios, the importance of group by in SQL, advanced SQL concepts, sub-queries in syntax and usage, SQL joins usage and its advantages, the importance of views in databases, SQL string functions, data constraints with database testing perspective, practice exercises for interviews with solutions, and an SQL glossary on the discussed topics.

Style and Approach

On course completion, you will have Mastered the SQL Language with Database Testing and will be able implement these new skills successfully intoyour workplace.

  • You need no prior SQL knowledge to start this course
  • All installation and setup instructions, including database basics are part of the course
  • Theoretical material, code dump and interview guide are available for download
Course Length 6 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781789133844
Date Of Publication 26 Feb 2018


Rahul Shetty

Rahul Shetty has worked with various CMM-level organizations and has managed the setting up of QA processes for projects.