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  • Get to grips with the basics of the Spring Framework
  • Write web applications using the Spring Framework with Kotlin
  • Develop Android apps with Kotlin
  • Connect a RESTful web service with your app using Retrofilt
  • Understand JDBC, JPA, MySQL for Spring and SQLite Room for Android
  • Explore Spring Security fundamentals, Basic Authentication, and OAuth2
  • Delve into Concurrency and Reactive programming using Kotlin
  • Develop testable applications with Spring and Android

As the new official language for Android, Kotlin is attracting new as well as existing Android developers. As most developers are still working with Java and want to switch to Kotlin, they find a combination of these two appealing. This book addresses this interest by bringing together Spring, a widely used Java SE framework for building enterprise-grade applications, and Kotlin.

Learn Spring for Android Application Development will guide you in leveraging some of the powerful modules of the Spring Framework to build lightweight and robust Android apps using Kotlin. You will work with various modules, such as Spring AOP, Dependency Injection, and Inversion of Control, to develop applications with better dependency management. You’ll also explore other modules of the Spring Framework, such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring
Security. Each chapter has practice exercises at the end for you to assess your learning.

By the end of the book, you will be fully equipped to develop Android applications with Spring technologies.

  • Build native Android applications with Spring for Android
  • Explore Reactive programming, concurrency, and multithreading paradigms for building fast and efficient applications
  • Write more expressive and robust code with Kotlin using its coroutines and other latest features
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781789349252
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


S M Mohi Us Sunnat

S. M. Mohi Us Sunnat is a passionate Android developer and trainer with over 4 years' experience. He has developed applications using Kotlin as the principal programming language. He is the founder of DreamOgrammerS, a small IT company. He is the organizer of Droidcon Dhaka. He loves community engagement and works on a number of open source projects, including Mozilla Firefox and Brave. He is also the community leader of the Bangladesh Kotlin user group and the Dhaka Twitter developer community of Bangladesh.

Igor Kucherenko

Igor Kucherenko is an Android developer at Techery, a software development company that uses Kotlin as the main language for Android development. Currently, he lives in Ukraine, where he is a speaker in the Kotlin Dnipro community, which promotes Kotlin, and shares his knowledge with audiences at meetups. You can find his articles concerning Kotlin and Android development on Medium and in a blog for Yalantis, where he worked previously.