Learn Scala Programming

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  • Acquaint yourself with the new standard library of Scala 2.13
  • Get to grips with the Grok functional paradigms
  • Get familiar with type system to express domain constraints
  • Understand the actor model and different Akka libraries
  • Grasp the concept of building microservices using Lagom framework
  • Deep dive into property-based testing and its practical applications

The second version of Scala has undergone multiple changes to support features and library implementations. Scala 2.13, with its main focus on modularizing the standard library and simplifying collections, brings with it a host of updates.

Learn Scala Programming addresses both technical and architectural changes to the redesigned standard library and collections, along with covering in-depth type systems and first-level support for functions. You will discover how to leverage implicits as a primary mechanism for building type classes and look at different ways to test Scala code. You will also learn about abstract building blocks used in functional programming, giving you sufficient understanding to pick and use any existing functional programming library out there. In the concluding chapters, you will explore reactive programming by covering the Akka framework and reactive streams.

By the end of this book, you will have built microservices and learned to implement them with the Scala and Lagom framework.

  • Develop a strong foundation in functional programming and Scala's Standard Library (STL)
  • Get a detailed coverage of Lightbend Lagom—the latest microservices framework from Lightbend
  • Understand the Akka framework and learn event-based Programming with Scala
Page Count 498
Course Length 14 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781788836302
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2018


Slava Schmidt

Slava Schmidt is a software developer living in Germany. During his career, he has used a wide spectrum of programming languages, ranging from Assembler to Haskell, and progressed from an intern programmer, via head of engineering, to a Scala contractor. In his current role, he helps to develop and bring into production a number of Scala projects of various sizes and complexities for customers from different industries.

He is a contributor to open source projects related to Scala and Akka. As a passionate conference speaker, he regularly gives talks about technologies to share his experiences with other developers.