Learn Python 3 from Scratch [Video]

More Information
  • Understand the concepts behind Object Oriented Programming languages
  • Understand and write efficient code
  • Use the Python language to develop back-end web applications
  • Use the Python language to create games
  • Use the Python language to build automation frameworks
  • Use the Python programming language to create your own hobby projects

This is the most comprehensive yet simple course on the Python programming language and it concentrates on Python 3.x. This means that what you will learn is relevant, not obsolete. No prior coding experience is needed. Python is one of the most useful programming languages to learn. You can use it for the back-end of web applications, games, in-house scripts, and even for building robust test automation frameworks. In recent years, the demand for Python has exploded in the job market with insufficient developers to fill the available roles. Additionally, the QA industry is rapidly transitioning to Python and building automation tools.

Style and Approach

This course assumes that you have no programming background. If you have some experience then that's a bonus. Whether you have never coded, have some experience, or have a lot of experience in another programming language, this course is a one stop shop for you.

  • Each lecture consist of a video screencast and code files
  • There are quizzes and homework to test your knowledge
  • There's a high focus on practice and asking questions
  • You will also learn coding best practices
Course Length 10 hours 41 minutes
ISBN 9781789135855
Date Of Publication 23 Mar 2018


Let's Kode It

Let's Kode It are here with a mission to teach everyone a new skill doing what they've always wanted to do. Whether it be programming or creating a professional looking MS Word document, they believe anyone can code and coding is not something out of this world. Coding can be of different types and in different areas: some may want to become a web developer where it's about front-end languages, some choose to become a back-end developer, while others choose to become hands-on testers with automation, where the domain is completely different from development. They believe you only need to be willing to learn and everything else follows. They are a group of software professionals with more than 10 years of expertise in different areas of software industries. They excel from software inception to implementation. Their goal is to offer high-quality technology courses which suit a newbie as well as an intermediate. They focus on the technology which is essential to perform in today's job market. Their instructors are Masters graduated from reputed universities. Their instructors have over 10 years of industrial experience and working as team leads in multinational companies. Their expertise is in various fields of SDLC from application development and testing to system administration.