Learn Programming in Python with Cody Jackson

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  • Use the interactive shell for prototyping and code execution, including variable assignment
  • Deal with program errors by learning when to manually throw exceptions
  • Employ exceptions for code management
  • Enhance code by utilizing Python's built-in shortcuts to improve efficiency and make coding easier
  • Interact with files and package Python data for network transfer or storage
  • Understand how tests drive code writing, and vice versa
  • Explore the different frameworks that are available for GUI development

Python is a cross-platform language used by organizations such as Google and NASA. It lets you work quickly and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your work rather than the language. Based on his personal experiences when learning to program, Learn Programming in Python with Cody Jackson provides a hands-on introduction to computer programming utilizing one of the most readable programming languages–Python. It aims to educate readers regarding software development as well as help experienced developers become familiar with the Python language, utilizing real-world lessons to help readers understand programming concepts quickly and easily.

The book starts with the basics of programming, and describes Python syntax while developing the skills to make complete programs. In the first part of the book, readers will be going through all the concepts with short and easy-to-understand code samples that will prepare them for the comprehensive application built in parts 2 and 3. The second part of the book will explore topics such as application requirements, building the application, testing, and documentation. It is here that you will get a solid understanding of building an end-to-end application in Python. The next part will show you how to complete your applications by converting text-based simulation into an interactive, graphical user interface, using a desktop GUI framework. After reading the book, you will be confident in developing a complete application in Python, from program design to documentation to deployment.

  • Gain a solid understanding of Python programming with coverage of data structures and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Design graphical user interfaces for desktops with libraries such as Kivy and Tkinter
  • Write elegant, reusable, and efficient code
Page Count 304
Course Length 9 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781789531947
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2018


Cody Jackson

Cody Jackson is a disabled military veteran, the founder of Socius Consulting, an IT and business management consulting company in San Antonio, Texas, and a co-founder of Top Men Technologies with Scott Thompson. He is currently employed at CACI International as the lead ICS/SCADA modeling and simulations engineer. He has been involved in the tech industry since 1994, when he left Gateway Computers to join the Navy as a nuclear chemist and radcon technician. Prior to joining CACI, he worked at ECPI University as a computer information systems adjunct professor. He is a self-taught Python programmer, and is the author of Learning to Program Using Python and Secret Recipes of the Python Ninja. He holds an Associate in Science degree in electromechanical technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering technology, and a Master of Science degree in IT management, as well as numerous IT certifications.