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  • JavaScript concepts for developing applications as diverse as Blockchain
  • Set up a new development environment for JavaScript programming
  • Use npm to install pertinent JavaScript libraries
  • Implement a basic Blockchain system in an easy and practical way
  • Secure Blockchain with the cryptographic essentials
  • Create a cryptocurrency on top of an existing Blockchain network
  • Get better prepared to begin working with new and existing JavaScript projects

As the Blockchain revolution rages around us, you may be feeling left behind as the technology and coin values continue to develop at breakneck speed.
As budding JavaScript developers, breaking into Blockchain tech is something we’ve most likely wanted as we definitely need to stay up-to-speed in our evolving environment.

While the steep and rigorous learning curve that the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum programming present may be too much for us as we step into the Blockchain arena, this course eases the barrier of entry with a hands-on implementation of Blockchain tech with a familiar language, JavaScript, that you can use to create and understand a Blockchain system capable of hosting our own Cryptocurrency.

Join me in Learn java script: Build your own Blockchain and we’ll position ourselves to become well rounded JavaScript developers and new Blockchain entrepreneurs.

Style and Approach

This course is designed to present basic JavaScript instruction for developers looking to expand their skill-set by taking on a new type of programming challenge: Blockchain development.

  • Expand your JavaScript knowledge and skills with new development challenges
  • Implement your own blockchain creation using only JavaScript
  • Leverage your hand-rolled Blockchain system to create and host a new cryptocurrency
Course Length 2 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781789612516
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2018


Brett Hooper

Brett Hooper is a well-seasoned software engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, and all-round techno-surfer. His decades of experience have taken him from years of IT consulting for fortune 100 behemoths, to a number of entrepreneurial startup efforts, to the U.S. Dept of Defense in defining their way forward in mobile and web-related technologies. Brett’s excitement in learning, implementing, and teaching new, interesting development frameworks, stacks, services, and Blockchain technologies never wanes and keeps him heads-down more than not. He develops new teaching content from his Aloha CodeWorks headquarters in beautiful Maui, HI.