Learn Computer Vision with Python and OpenCV [Video]

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  • Set up and use OpenCV 3.3 with Python 3 from a Jupyter Notebook within a Docker container
  • Perform simple Computer Vision tasks using manipulation techniques
  • Build Instagram-style image filters
  • Adjust brightness, saturation, and image hue to create Instagram-style filters
  • Bulk-apply image manipulation operations to a folder of images
  • Separate moving foreground objects from the background of a video
  • Track objects in a video
  • Work with binary images and use morphological operations and contours to extract colored objects from an image

Computer vision solves imaging problems that cannot be solved using ordinary systems and sensors. OpenCV is one of the most popular Computer Vision libraries and helps you write faster code.

This course begins with the basics of loading and working with images. You will detect colored objects in your images easily. You will also use tools to build and apply filters in your photos and track objects in a video.

By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of Computer Vision techniques using OpenCV libraries. This course will be your gateway to the world of data science.

The code bundle is placed at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learn-Computer-Vision-with-Python-and-OpenCV-Video

Style and Approach

This course will teach you the skills required to develop computer vision applications using Python with practical examples.

  • Get a thorough understanding of the OpenCV library and all its functionalities, with practical examples.
  • Build a strong foundation for Computer Vision by transforming images and videos using various tools and techniques
  • Perform image analysis by controlling, automating, recognizing, and precisely measuring data.
Course Length 1 hour 20 minutes
ISBN 9781788293846
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2018


Kathiravan Natarajan

Kathiravan Natarajan completed his Bachelor's degree on Computer Science in SASTRA University. He worked for firms such as Infosys Ltd. and EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. on a banking product called Finacle, which has been used by many banks in India. Kathiravan also completed his Master's degree in Texas A&M University Commerce on Artificial Intelligence. As a programmer and a Machine Learning engineer, he can review heaps of data to find a million-dollar bug . He worked for STMicroelectronics Inc on signal processing and Machine learning He has experience in working with several startup companies on different domains, including signal processing.

He has recently completed projects on Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. Some of the projects, including a recommendation system, used collaborative filtering algorithms to benefit more organizations in terms of product recommendations and personalize things for users. Being a night owl, he performs a lot of bug fixing and module development in the late evening. He actively solves Kaggle problems and participating in Data Science Hackathons and Hacker rank competitions.