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Kotlin for Android & Java Developers: Clean Code on Android [Video]

More Information
  • Write clean code with Kotlin
  • Avoid ceremony and boilerplate code around Android APIs
  • Use functional programming to write concise, expressive code
  • Create Android apps with Kotlin
  • Write readable SQLite transactions using extension functions in Kotlin
  • Use the Kotlin Android Extensions to avoid findViewById()
  • Create multiple activities, layouts and menus

Kotlin is a modern language for the JVM, and the only officially supported language on Android besides Java. It's developed by JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ on which Android Studio is based. Since Google's announcement to officially support Kotlin in 2017, interest in the language has radically increased -- and with it the number of tutorials, courses, books, and also job offers for Kotlin. It's a great time to dive into this modern language and get ahead of other Android developers! With its modern language design that incorporates industry best practices, Kotlin allows you to write highly expressive, understandable and safe code -- while being 100% interoperable with Java. You can use any Java classes and methods from Kotlin and the other way around. This course shows you what language features I mean, and how you can apply them in order to write world-class code. Learn to use Kotlin the right way to actually improve your Android app code write null-safe, concise, and readable code in Kotlin using functional and object-oriented concepts workaround unnecessary boilerplate code when using Android APIs (e.g. SQLite) using higher-order extension functions, use Android Studio effectively to speed up your development workflow, get your questions answered along the way should you ever get stuck.

Style and Approach

After this course, you'll be able to confidently use Kotlin for any kind of project -- but we'll of course apply what we learn to Android app development in this course.

  • This course will focus on producing clean code which teaches you to make use of Kotlin's amazing features to actually write better code than in Java.
  • Get a huge benefit using Kotlin instead of Java, e.g. by avoiding boilerplate code around many Android APIs.
Course Length 9 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781788994811
Date Of Publication 10 Nov 2017


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