JDBC 4.0 and Oracle JDeveloper for J2EE Development

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In this book you will learn about the following:

  • JDBC 4.0 specifications—including the new features
  • Configuring JDBC in Oracle JDeveloper IDE
  • Creating, modifying, and querying a database with the JSTL SQL Tag Library
  • Configuring JDBC in JBoss application server, WebLogic server, and WebSphere application server
  • Mapping an XML document to a database table and vice versa
  • Modifying a database table from an XML document and creating an XSQL Page to run an SQL Query and generate XML
  • Implementing Oracle Web RowSet to fetch the disconnected data
  • Creating Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and Excel reports using JasperReports and the Apache POI HSSF library
  • Creating JSF Data Tables, JSF Panel Grids, and business components from Oracle databases with JDeveloper
  • Creating and managing database tables using Hibernate

Data retrieval and storage is one of the most common components of J2EE applications. JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is the Java API for accessing a SQL relational database and adding, retrieving, and updating data in the database.

Oracle JDeveloper is a developer-friendly integrated development environment (IDE) for building service-oriented applications using the latest industry standards for Java, XML, web services, and SQL. It supports the complete development lifecycle with integrated features for modeling, coding, debugging, testing, profiling, tuning, and deploying applications.

This book is about developing Java/J2EE applications with a database component in Oracle JDeveloper (version 10.1.3). It covers the practical aspects of JDBC (version 4.0); it will teach application developers about setting the environment for developing various JDBC-based J2EE applications and the procedure to develop JDBC-based J2EE applications. It will also explore the new features added in JDBC 4.0.

  • Develop your Java applications using JDBC and Oracle JDeveloper
  • Explore the new features of JDBC 4.0
  • Use JDBC and the data tools in Oracle JDeveloper
  • Configure JDBC with various application servers
  • Build data-driven applications quickly and easily
Page Count 444
Course Length 13 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781847194305
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2008
Setting the Environment
XML Document to SQL Database Mapping
Updating Database from XML Document
Deleting a Row in a Database
SQL Database to XML Document Mapping


Deepak Vohra

Deepak Vohra is consultant and principle a member of the NuBean software company. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) and Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) and has worked in the fields of XML, Java programming, and J2EE for over 10 years. He is the coauthor of the Apress book Pro XML Development with Java Technology. Deepak is the author of several Packt Publishing books, including Processing XML documents with Oracle JDeveloper 11g and Java EE Development with Eclipse. Deepak is also a Docker Mentor and has published four other Docker-related books.