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JBoss RichFaces 3.3

Demetrio Filocamo

Enhance your JSF web applications using powerful AJAX components
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847196880
Paperback320 pages

About This Book

  • Build a new RichFaces JSF project in minutes using JBoss RichFaces with JBoss Seam and Facelets
  • Customize the look-and-feel of your JSF applications with Skinnability
  • Integrate AJAX into your applications without using JavaScript
  • Create, customize, and deploy new skins for the RichFaces framework using the powerful plug'n'skin feature

Who This Book Is For

This book targets Java Developers who want to enhance their JSF applications by adding AJAX, but without having to use JavaScript. If you want to learn how to use the wide set of AJAX components that you find in the RichFaces framework, this book is for you.
You are expected to have basic knowledge of JSF, but no previous experience with AJAX is necessary.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is RichFaces?
An overview of RichFaces
A bit of history
The Ajax framework
RichFaces components overview
RichFaces skinnability overview
Chapter 2: Getting Ready
Creating a RichFaces JSF project the simple way
Adding RichFaces manually to your existing JSF project
Chapter 3: First Steps
A simple contact manager
Chapter 4: The Application
What we are going to develop?
The database: E-R diagram
Importing the database
Creating the project
The class diagram
The menu page
The login page
The home page
Chapter 5: Making the Application Structure
Skinnability and dynamic skin change
Menu bar using rich:toolBar component
Making the login work
User registration
Reset password box
Forgot username box
URL rewriting: making it simple and powerful
Chapter 6: Making the Contacts List and Detail
The main layout
The contacts list
The contact detail
Chapter 7: Finishing the Application
Taking a note of every contact
Let's group our contacts
Attaching files
Chapter 8: Skin Customization
Customize skin parameters
Using skins with non-skinnable components
Chapter 9: Creating a New plug 'n' skin
Installing Maven
Creating the new skin
Customizing the new skin
Packaging and deploying the new skin
Chapter 10: Advanced Techniques
Creating a RichFaces JavaScript function
Partial update of data iteration components
RichFaces component binding in JBoss Seam / JBoss Application Server environment
The tree component
Controlling the session expiration
Chapter 11: Component Development Kit
Configuring the environment
Creating the project
Creating the component
Testing the new component

What You Will Learn

  • Create a simple project using the seam-gen tool, with the support of RichFaces, Seam and Facelets
  • Integrate the RichFaces libraries manually in your existing JSF project
  • Import a seam-gen-generated project into your workspace using Eclipse
  • Get AJAX JSF messaging support for JSF AJAX events using RichFaces message and messages components
  • Learn the basics of RichFaces, from creating the project to editing the code, using important components (like a4j:commandButton, a4j:commandLink, rich:dataTable, and rich:messages) and their AJAX properties (like reRender)
  • Develop a fully-featured advanced application for contact management using the RichFaces AJAX framework and its rich components
  • Develop the login and registration system for a web site, looking at all the features like skin management, registration page, login box, forgot username, reset password, captcha, and more
  • Optimize AJAX requests while developing a web application with JBoss RichFaces
  • Add and remove contacts from a group using the RichFaces drag-n-drop support
  • Customize the look of the application by changing the style of its existing skins using CSS and XCSS
  • Create new skins ready to be plugged into your application
  • Use and implement pushing, partial updates, component binding, session expiration handling, and more
  • Develop rich JSF components in a fast and solid way using CDK (Component Development Kit)

In Detail

JBoss RichFaces is a rich component library for JavaServer Faces and an AJAX framework that allows easy integration of AJAX capabilities into complex business applications. Do you wish to eliminate the time involved in writing JavaScript code and managing JavaScript-compatibility between browsers to build an AJAX web application quickly?

This book goes beyond the documentation to teach you how to do that. It will show you how to get the most out of JBoss RichFaces by explaining the key components and how you can use them to enhance your applications. Most importantly, you will learn how to integrate AJAX into your applications without using JavaScript but only standard JSF components. You will learn how to create and customize your own components and add them to your new or existing applications.

First, the book introduces you to JBoss RichFaces and its components. It uses many examples of AJAX components which, among others, include: Calendar, Data Table, ToolTip, ToolBar, Menu, RichEditor, Drag'n'Drop. All these components will help you create the web site you always imagined. Key aspects of the RichFaces framework such as the AJAX framework, skinnability, and CDK (Component Development Kit) will help you customize the look of your web application. As you progress through the book, you will see a sample application that shows you how to build an advanced contact manager. You're also going to be amazed to know about the advanced topics you will learn like developing new components, new skins, optimizing a web application, inserting components dynamically using Java instead of XHTML, and using JavaScript to manage components. This book is more than a reference with component example code: it's a manual that will guide you, step-by-step, through the development of a real AJAX JSF web application.


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