JBoss: Developer's Guide

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  • Create new applications or integrate existing systems with JBoss products
  • Setup and manage a JBoss domain
  • Setup and manage a JBoss Fuse cluster with Fabric and Apache Karaf
  • Create and deploy OSGi applications on JBoss Fuse containers
  • Manage enterprise data with JBoss Datagrid
  • Aggregate various data sources with JBoss Data virtualization to offer data as a service
  • Optimize your business and workflows with both JBoss Business RulesManagement System and JBoss Business Process Management platforms.

Have you often wondered what is the best JBoss product to solve a specific problem? Do you want to get started with a specific JBoss product and know how to integrate different JBoss products in your IT Systems? Then this is the book for you.

Through hands-on examples from the business world, this guide presents details on the major products and how you can build your own Enterprise services around the JBoss ecosystem.

Starting with an introduction to the JBoss ecosystem, you will gradually move on to developing and deploying clustered application on JBoss Application Server, and setting up high availability using undertow or HA proxy loadbalancers.

As you are moving to a micro service archicture, you will be taught how to package existing Java EE applications as micro service using Swarm or create your new micro services from scratch by coupling most popular Java EE frameworks like JPA, CDI with Undertow handlers.

Next, you will install and configure JBoss Data grid in development and production environments, develop cache based applications and aggregate various data source in JBoss data virtualization.

You will learn to build, deploy, and monitor integration scenarios using JBoss Fuse and run both producers/consumers applications relying on JBoss AMQ.

Finally, you will learn to develop and run business workflows and make better decisions in your applications using Drools and Jboss BPM Suite Platform.

  • Build fast, smart, and flexible applications using JBoss
  • Couple one or more JBoss products to effectively solve various business problems
  • Explore the JBoss product ecosystem for improving the performance of your projects
Page Count 328
Course Length 9 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781788296199
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2017


Elvadas Nono Woguia

Elvadas Nono Woguia is a software engineer, consultant and Open Source tech enthusiast living in Paris area. Elvadas studied computer sciences at Ecole Polytechnique Yaounde in Cameroon and also hold a Specialized Master in IT systems Management from Ecole Centrale Paris. He has been working for 10 years now in EMEA IT industry for various companies and customers and currently employed by Red Hat as Middleware and PAAS consultant.

Elvadas is Certified Oracle Web Component Developer Expert , Certified Red Hat Platform As a Service Delivery Specialist. He currently helps Red Hat customers on their open source journey to design modern and scalable architectures; build customize and integrate various Middleware and cloud technologies and products around JBoss and Openshift ecosystems.

In his free time, Elvadas loves playing and watching soccer. He shared tech posts with the open source community on his blog on the red hat developers website. He cares about care about humanitarian causes ; he founded and worked to bring peace and light among the needy his charity UrgenceSolidaires.