JavaScript Promises Essentials

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  • Implement asynchronous programming in JavaScript
  • Get acquainted with the JavaScript Promises API
  • Choose the right JavaScript libraries to use callbacks in a non-compatible platform
  • Write chained asynchronous operations that are easy to manage
  • Master WinJS Promises for developing Windows applications
  • Differentiate between various implementations of promises in JavaScript
  • Put promises into action in your applications
  • Catch and handle errors effectively in asynchronous operations
  • Explore browser support and platform compatibility for JavaScript promises

Promises are a new programming paradigm in JavaScript that allow developers to request data that they don't have yet and deal with it at a non-determined point in the future (asynchronously). Starting with the basics of the promise objects, we'll be able to leverage the maximum capabilities of promises when writing applications.

This book starts by giving you some background information on the asynchronous programming model in JavaScript, recognizing its importance in JavaScript programming. It then walks you through the key concepts and intricacies of the Promises API. Following that, you will learn how you can write complex asynchronous operations with chained promises and be able to catch and handle exceptions. With this book, you'll learn how to write better asynchronous operations using JavaScript promises.

  • Integrate JavaScript Promises into your application by mastering the key concepts of the Promises API
  • Replace complex nested callbacks in JavaScript with the more intuitive chained Promises
  • Acquire the knowledge needed to start working with JavaScript Promises immediately
Page Count 90
Course Length 2 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781783985647
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2014


Rami Sarieddine

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