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  • How to use JavaScript
  • How to create elements dynamically

Did you want to create a download file option for your web visitors, downloading content from data and even a Google spreadsheet?

No libraries, no shortcuts, just learning JavaScript to make a DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE web application. All are done with JavaScript.

Course Covers

• Setting up a default data object

• Generating a downloadable text file on the fly using JavaScript

• Generating a downloadable CSV file on the fly

• Element select and style manipulation

• Adding event listeners to elements

• Elements as objects in JavaScript

• createObjectURL method to create file URLs

• Cleaning and restructuring of data objects for CSV

• Adding elements and removing elements from the web page

• Use of regex to search and JavaScript to update strings

• Use of fetch to get Google Spreadsheet JSON feed

• Setup of Google Spreadsheet JSON

• Restructuring JSON to array format for CSV file

• Source code is included so you can try the code and build your version of the application.

Allow web visitors to download a current copy of the spreadsheet from a link, all front-end and done dynamically with JavaScript. Start building your version of the game today!

All the code files are placed at

  • Manipulate elements using JavaScript
  • Explore JavaScript Document Object Model
Course Length 0 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781838825348
Date Of Publication 26 Apr 2019