JavaScript for Beginners - A Complete Guide [Video]

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  • Understand the fundamentals and details of JavaScript and how it is integrated with HTML and CSS
  • Write strong and clean professional JavaScript code
  • Perform actions based on events on a web page
  • Manage browser cookies
  • Learn to debug in browser and improve performance of code
  • Learn concepts like hoisting and strict mode
  • Play with HTML elements, modify layout and styles of the elements
  • Utilize window object fundamentals
  • Validate and Submit forms
  • Handle exceptions in JavaScript

No prior coding experience needed. Ever wondered how the websites work when you click on a button or a link? Ever wanted to become a web developer, but thought it is difficult? Want to develop a phone app? JavaScript is the first step to any web development and it's fun instead of being tough. This course's focus is to learn by doing and examples. All the code files are provided.

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages used in the industry. There are tons of highly paid jobs for web developers and web testers.

This course includes access to a Google group specifically set up for the course. As you might have already figured out, this course does not need you to have any coding experience, and with practice you will be able to understand and work on JavaScript concepts.

Style and Approach

This course's focus is to learn by doing and examples. All code files provided for reference and learning.

  • How to code in JavaScript
  • Learn all the concepts and fundamentals, data types, objects, arrays, functions
  • Program flow and conditional statements
  • Manage cookies
  • Work with concepts like events, event handlers and playing with HTML elements
  • Debug JavaScript Code# Improving performance of code using simple ways
  • Using concepts like Hoisting and Strict Mode
  • Validate and Submit forms
  • Utilize window objects, history, screen and timing events
Course Length 10 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781789133752
Date Of Publication 18 Jul 2018


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