JavaScript (and jQuery) in 7 Days [Video]

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  • Program with the world's most popular language: JavaScript
  • Develop the skills to take you from a novice to competent programmer in a short timeframe
  • Creating websites and applications using JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Translating real-world problems into code for better problem solving with JavaScript
  • Handling user requests better using techniques such as the fetch API and the localStorage API
  • Animate and style your websites using JavaScript and Bootstrap
  • Track your progress and save important code snippets in a dev journal web app that you'll create as a final project

JavaScript is the language of the web. You can use it to add dynamic behaviors, store information, and handle requests and responses on a website on-the-fly and this is why it has become one of the most useful languages in the web development community.

In this course, you will instantly start to work with JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap using the in-browser editor. You'll start off by learning the basics of JavaScript by writing your first program. After mastering the fundamentals, you'll learn how to write clean and maintainable JavaScript code. You'll be taught modern JavaScript at a quick pace to maximize your learning for the time available. Later you'll work with objects and arrays to model problems/solutions for better program output in JavaScript. You'll be creating an awesome-looking battleship game with slideshows, a development journal with YouTube, and image-embedded URLs with Bootstrap and jQuery.

Each lesson will begin by reviewing the exercise from the previous day, before moving on to the subject of that day's lesson. By the end of the course you will be amazed by everything you've managed to learn and accomplish in such a short time. Each lesson is inspiring and fun, making you feel like a magical code wizard!
All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at:

Style and Approach

This course will teach absolute beginners how to use JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. It's designed so anyone with a web browser can instantly begin learning. Upon completion students will be able to create interactive JavaScript and HTML web apps.

  • Learn how to model real-world problems using JavaScript objects
  • Take control of HTML and CSS using jQuery
  • Create interactive web apps that use elegant Bootstrap components
Course Length 7 hours 11 minutes
ISBN 9781789138610
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2018


Michael Rosata

Michael Rosata is a professional JavaScript developer and the author of three courses on Functional JavaScript. He’s written multiple JavaScript applications for internal use at large companies. Michael is the founder of the Massachusetts Web Devs meetup. He has a great passion for learning, and teaching

You can find him answering questions in the Ramda gitter channel or at

I’d like to thank my family for giving me the opportunity to explore things I enjoy learning, and to the team at Packt Publishing, especially Sunny Kandre and Anish Dsouza for making this course possible.