Java EE 8 Microservices [Video]

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  • Understand the benefits and advantages of the microservice architecture
  • Decompose and refactor monolithic applications into microservices
  • Create microservices with the best Java microservice frameworks – Payara Micro, Dropwizard, and Spring Boot
  • Implement RESTful services using JAX-RS 2.1 and Java EE 8
  • Monitor, test, secure, and integrate microservices with each other and existing monoliths
  • Integrate Spring into a Java EE ecosystem
  • Package microservices into Docker containers suitable to run in a highly scalable cloud environment

Java EE application model represents one of the best available design models on which to base the design of your enterprise application. This course will address the problems that Java EE developers have been facing for years – breaking the monolith! You’ll learn how to build microservices in Java EE 8, enabling you to create highly extendable, scalable, fault tolerant applications that are cloud-ready.

Beginning with an introduction to microservices, you’ll learn how to start setting up your development environment and toolset. You’ll gain knowledge of tools such as Dropwizard, Payara Micro, and Spring Boot while you build RESTful services with the latest JAX-RS 2.1 standard. You’ll understand how to use Microprofile to optimize Java EE for microservices development. The course will go on to build an application based on the microservices architecture, where you will learn to test, secure, and monitor your microservices using the latest, most reliable tools.

You’ll learn how to break down and refactor monolithic applications into microservices, as well as integrate both architectures in a fail-proof way. You’ll see how to integrate tools such as Docker with Java EE, giving you a foundation to build Cloud Native applications. Finally, you’ll find out how to integrate Spring into your development environment and how to apply the best design patterns to build robust microservices.

By the end of the course, taking the challenge of building a cloud-ready, enterprise application in the microservice architecture will be a walk in the park.

Style and Approach

A hands-on course is to efficiently build and implement microservices in Java EE and Spring. You’ll examine a number of real-world use cases and hands-on code examples. You’ll be able to distribute your microservices in a completely new way.

  • Break the traditional Java EE monoliths into modern and scalable microservices
  • Use your existing Java EE knowledge and create microservices using Java’s best microservice frameworks
  • Learn to prepare your microservice application to run in highly scalable cloud environments
Course Length 3 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781788470377
Date Of Publication 26 Sep 2017


Tilen Faganel

Tilen Faganel is the main developer of the frame KumuluzEE, and he received the Java Duke's Choice Award Winner 2015. He is head of development of integration solutions in high-tech start-ups Sunesis, and has worked on numerous projects developing advanced cloud applications for enterprises in Slovenia and abroad.

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