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Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization

Osama Oransa

Boost the efficiency of your enterprise applications by performance tuning and optimization
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782176428
Paperback478 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to plan a performance investigation in enterprise applications
  • Build a performance troubleshooting strategy
  • Design and implement high performing Java enterprise applications

Who This Book Is For

If you are an experienced Java developer, architect, team leader, consultant, support engineer, or anyone else who needs performance tuning in your Java applications, and in particular, Java enterprise applications, this book is for you. No prior experience of performance tuning is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Performance Tuning
Understanding the art of performance tuning
Understanding performance issues
Standalone applications versus web applications
Dealing with web applications' performance tuning
Chapter 2: Understanding Java Fundamentals
Discussing the new Java EE 7 features
Understanding memory structure in the JVM
Understanding the Java garbage collection policies
Different application scopes
Understanding concurrency in Java
Using the Java concurrency utilities
The important Java EE concurrency features
More information about Java EE 7
Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with Performance Testing
Dissecting performance testing
Performance testing terminologies
Performance testing in a cloud environment
Starting with Apache JMeter
Testing with JMeter
Chapter 4: Monitoring Java Applications
Exploring the Java monitoring tools
Understanding the profiling tools
Understanding the different JDK tools
Starting with the NetBeans profiler
The Eclipse tools/plugins
Advanced profiler – JProfiler
Using the offline profiling mode
Chapter 5: Recognizing Common Performance Issues
Going through a slow response time umbrella
Threading performance issues
Memory performance issues
Work as designed performance issues
Selected performance issues
Client-side performance issues
Chapter 6: CPU Time Profiling
When to use CPU profiling
Different CPU profiling options
Reading and interpreting CPU profiling results
Analyzing the method time versus the method invocation count
Identifying potential performance issues
Fixing algorithmic/logic performance
Our first performance fixing strategy
Chapter 7: Thread Profiling
Determining when to use thread profiling
Exploring the different thread profiling options
Reading the thread profiling results
Dealing with thread dumps
Reading and analyzing the thread dumps
Exploring potential threading issues
Enhancing our fixing strategy
Chapter 8: Memory Profiling
When to use memory profiling?
Different memory profiling options
Analyzing memory profiling results
Dealing with memory heap dumps
Analyzing the heap dump
Potential memory performance issues
Adding memory performance issues to our fixing strategy
Chapter 9: Tuning an Application's Environment
Understanding environment tuning
Tuning the JVM
Tuning application servers
Tuning web servers (HTTP servers)
Tuning the operating system and hardware
Chapter 10: Designing High-performance Enterprise Applications
Potential performance impact of different design decisions
Avoiding performance anti-patterns
Performance aspects of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Performance aspects of Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA)
Dissecting performance aspects of data caching
Performance considerations in cloud deployment
Chapter 11: Performance Tuning Tips
Performance and development processes
Java EE performance tuning tips
Java performance tuning tips
Using the javap tool to understand micro-optimizations
Database performance tuning tips
Client-side optimization
Chapter 12: Tuning a Sample Application
Reaching our final destination
Setting up the ExcellentSurvey application
Functional overview of the ExcellentSurvey application
ExcellentSurvey performance assessment
Performance investigation plan
Profiling our ExcellentSurvey application
Profiling performance findings
ExcellentSurvey issues and possible resolutions
Performance code review
Testing the application after our fixes
Result and conclusion

What You Will Learn

  • Master the art of performance tuning and become a performance tuning expert
  • Create and execute enterprise performance tests
  • Understand the fundamentals of Java needed for performance tuning
  • Use a number of profiling tools to diagnose common performance issues
  • Understand the basic aspects of the Java virtual machine and application server performance tuning
  • Design guidelines for better enterprise application performance
  • Discover different Java optimization tips and tricks
  • Tune a real-world sample application

In Detail

With the expansion of online enterprise services, the performance of an enterprise application has become a critical issue. Even the smallest change to service availability can severely impact customer satisfaction, which can cause the enterprise to incur huge losses. Performance tuning is a challenging topic that focuses on resolving tough performance issues.

In this book, you will explore the art of performance tuning from all perspectives using a variety of common tools, while studying many examples.

This book covers performance tuning in Java enterprise applications and their optimization in a simple, step-by-step manner. Beginning with the essential concepts of Java, the book covers performance tuning as an art. It then gives you an overview of performance testing and different monitoring tools. It also includes examples of using plenty of tools, both free and paid.


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