Java 9 Core Principles [Video]

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  • Get an introduction to Java, the Java language runtime and the JVM
  • Write object-oriented code in Java
  • Perform functional data processing
  • Building APIs for the connected web
  • Build a simple music streaming service

Java 9 comes with a rich feature set. Although there are no new language concepts, new APIs and diagnostic commands will definitely be interesting to developers. Your journey will start off with a simple introduction to Java, the Java language runtime and the JVM with a few simple, yet exciting Java Shell examples.

You will then move on to learning how to write your own Object Oriented Code in Java by modeling and building a simple Music Streaming Service which you can run and demonstrate from the shell, thus teaching you how to perform the simplest task, quickly!

As you progress in your journey, you will encounter more advanced topics including functional data processing, before investigating how you can build fast, scalable APIs for the connected web. In the final section, you will build an API to analyze the sentiment of sentences provided by the user, along with various statistics about your API.

Style and Approach

Comprehensive and detailed, the easy to follow tutorial will take viewers on a journey to going from zero to hero Java programmers with the new Java 9 SDK.

  • Exciting examples that will help you get started with Java programming
  • Gain practical knowledge of functional and modular programming in Java
  • Take your Java programming skills to the next level in a fun way with the topics covered throughout the course
Course Length 3 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781787284463
Date Of Publication 27 Jun 2017


Andrei Ruse

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Andrei Ruse, our Author, is currently working with Colibri Ltd, has been working as a software developer in the financial service industry for over 3 years, and has over 6 years' experience with Java as the main programming language, both academically and professionally. Prior to his current role in a FinTech startup in London, he spent three years working for one of the World's largest investment banks, having joined it straight after graduating from Manchester University with a degree in Computer Science.