Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook

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Master the basics of thread management and synchronization before diving into higher level concurrency tasks Get to grips with exciting new concurrency features of Java 7, including the Phaser Class and the Fork/Join Framework Successfully delegate thread management to executors Customize some of the most useful classes of the Java concurrency API with real-world examples Learn to use high-level Java utilities to manage synchronization between threads Get a sneak peek at using Eclipse and NetBeans for debugging concurrency code Avoid problems with data inconsistency by learning the data structures you have to use in concurrent applications Take advantage of a bonus appendix packed with tips that every programmer should consider when developing a concurrent application


Java remains the global standard for developing various applications and enterprise software, and the launch of Java 7 brings with it exciting new capabilities for concurrent programming by way of the concurrency utilities enhancement. This allows developers to make the most of their applications with parallel task performance. "Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook" covers all elements of the Java concurrency API, providing essential recipes for taking advantage of the exciting new capabilities.On your computer, you can listen to music while you edit a Word document and read your emails, all at once! This is because your operating system allows the concurrency of tasks, much like the Java platform which offers various classes to execute concurrent tasks inside a Java program. "Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook" covers the most important features of the Java concurrency API, with special emphasis on the new capabilities of version 7. With each version, Java increases the available functionality to facilitate development of concurrent programs. This book covers the most important and useful mechanisms included in version 7 of the Java concurrency API, so you will be able to use them directly in your applications."Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook" includes recipes to enable you to achieve everything from the basic management of threads and tasks, to the new Fork /Join framework, through synchronization mechanisms between tasks, different types of concurrent tasks that Java can execute, data structures that must be used in concurrent applications and the classes of the library that can be customized.With the step-by-step examples in this book you’ll be able to apply the most important and useful features of the Java 7 concurrency API.


Master all that Java 7 has to offer for concurrent programming Get to grips with thread management, the Fork/Join framework, concurrency classes and much more in this book and e-book A practical Cookbook packed with recipes for achieving the most important Java Concurrency tasks

Page Count 364
Course Length 10 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781849687881
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2012


Javier Fernández González

Javier Fernández González is a software architect with almost 15 years experience in Java technologies. He has worked as a teacher, researcher, programmer, analyst, and writer, and he now works as an architect in all types of projects related to Java, especially J2EE. As a teacher has over 1,000 hours of training in basic Java, J2EE, and the Struts framework.

As a researcher, he has worked in the field of information retrieval, developing applications for processing large amounts of data in Java, and has participated as a co-author in several journal articles and conference presentations.

Recently, he worked on developing J2EE web applications for various clients from different sectors (public administration, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and so on). He has also worked as a software architect. He is the author of the books, Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook and Mastering Concurrency Programming with Java 8 by Packt Publishing.