Java 11 Programming for Beginners [Video]

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  • Set up a simple environment from scratch and explore Java's basic syntax and native types by building an Interest Calculator application.
  • Build applications using Java 11 with Spring Boot and Gradle
  • Create a Personal Finance Analyzer app and work with a broad range of APIs to build efficient applications with Java 11 
  • Work with control flows, strings, and error handling to create a Pig Latin Converter.
  • Understand in-depth about OOP in Java and its essential components, then create data types by building a SlackBot application.
  • Design Java applications using OOP techniques such as encapsulation, composition, inheritance, and polymorphism

Java is the world's most popular programming language. It is easier to use, write, compile, debug, and learn than any other programming language.

In this course, you will go through real-world examples and work with Java 11 programming concepts and features. You will bridge the gap between learning and perform and improve on your development skills. You will build an Interest Calculator app, SlackBot app, a Pig Latin Converter app, and a Personal Finance Analyzer app—all from scratch.

By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of using Java 11 in your day-to-day programming. This course will be the first step in your career to becoming a professional Java developer.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

Style and Approach

The videos in this course provide an overview of concepts and practical demonstrations of Java features in order to highlight the applicability of those concepts, together with practical implementations of examples and quizzes.

  • Learn Java 11 programming by building interesting, fun example applications
  • Get started quickly with software programming using the Java 11 language
  • Use Java coding best practices, tips, and tools to improve your productivity
Course Length 2 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781788834186
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2018


Boon Hian Tek

Boon Hian Tek is a seasoned developer with experience in delivering tailored solutions using Java. He has deployed Java applications for clients in consulting, medical, advertising, emergency preparedness, telecommunications, financial technologies, and more. He has done countless code review sessions in Industry and knows how to write very good and maintainable Java code.