iPhone Location Aware Apps by Example - Beginner's Guide

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  • Learn everything about Location Based Services from concept to implementation in the real world.
  • Build your own Foursquare type app using the Foursquare API.
  • Discover Core Location and different techniques of location detection.
  • Explore the MapKit and 3rd Party Maps API with OpenStreetMaps
  • Build your own weather app, with Text to Speech.
  • Build your own events App, with EventKit and augmented reality.
  • Create a location based news App using AOL Patch News API
  • Create a social governance app from scratch.

From weather apps which give you a forecast based on your current location to fitness apps which track your speed and distance travelled. From Google Maps to Foursquare. Increasing mobility and social networking has made location awareness an integral aspect of modern iPhone applications.

This book will teach you everything you need to know about building iPhone location aware apps, from simple Google maps to complex region monitoring and augmented reality. Build five real world location aware apps and get a taste of HTML5-based mobile app development.

The book begins by explaining behind-the-scenes working of location-based systems, including GPS. Explore in depth iOS Core Location and the MapKit Framework, using examples depicting each capability of the respective frameworks. Having learnt about location and maps, you will build five location-based apps using the APIs and SDKs publicly available. The book has everything for a beginner as well as advanced users, with chapters devoted to advanced topics such as push notifications, geo fencing and augmented reality.

  • Gain in depth knowledge of the location-based world, using real world examples.
  • Master the new iOS 5 Location Simulator to fine tune your apps.
  • Implement the best of the Location APIs and SDKs available now and incorporate them in your apps
Page Count 386
Course Length 11 hours 34 minutes
ISBN 9781849692243
Date Of Publication 23 Mar 2012
Introducing Xcode 4
Xcode 4: Prerequisites and features
iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2: new and notable features
Transitioning from Xcode3: What you need to know
Time for action — installation
Time for action — Hello Location
Tools for the overnight coders: HTML5
Time for action — using PhoneGap to build a Hello Location App
Time for action — using Titanium Appcelerator for building the Hello Location app
Time for action — Hello Location with Sencha Touch
Exploring location-based SDKs/APIs
Still more tools: SimpleGeo and Factual
Core Location framework an — overview
Time for action — location debugging
Core location services
Core Location Manager — CLLocationManager
Time for action — checking for location service availability
Time for action — using Core Location with user authorization
The CLLocation object
Time for action — receiving location updates in your application
Time for action — boundary monitoring with Location Manager
Extending Hello Location for nearby events
Time for action — extending Hello Location for nearby events
Time for action — Last.fm API in your app
What just happened?
Extending Hello Location for local search
Time for action — building a local search app with foursquare
Overview of the MapKit framework
Understanding map geometry
Time for action — using MapKit in your app
Time for action — using map gestures panning and zooming
Annotating Maps an overview
Time for action — adding annotations to your maps
Time for action — draggable annotations
Time for action — custom map annotations
Map overlays an overview
Time for action — customizing map annotations
User tracking modes
Bonus — offline maps in your app
Time for action — using OpenStreetMaps with CloudMade API
Storing and retrieving the user's location with SQLite
Time for action — storing and retrieving the user's location with SQLite
Converting location data into city name — using Geonames API
Time for action — converting location data into city name
Consuming the WeatherBug API
Time for action — using WeatherBug API
Building your Weather App: WeatherPackt
Define the Home screen
Time for action — defining the Home screen
Bonus: building WeatherPackt with PhoneGap
Bonus: text-to-speech
PacktEvents: Overview and architecture
Storing and Retrieving Events with SQLite
Time for action — storing and retrieving events with SQLite
Plotting events on a map
Time for action — plotting events on a map
Filtering Events display by Event Categories
Time for action — filtering Events by categories
Using the Event Kit framework to add events to your iPhone calendar
Time for action — adding events to your iPhone calendar
Using the Twitter framework
Time for action — adding Twitter capabilities to your iPhone app
Bonus: using the Layar Player API in your app: Augmented Reality
Time for action — adding Augmented Reality to your iPhone app
PacktEvents: building the app
Using directions with location
Time for action — using heading for direction in your app
Time for action — using course for direction in your app
Core Motion: Motion Manager
Time for action — using MotionManager: accelerometer
Background app execution
Time for action — using local notifications
Consuming the foursquare venue API
Time for action — consuming the foursquare venue API - categories
Recommended and popular venues
Time for action — recommended and popular venues
Search for venues
Time for action — exploring the foursquare Search API
Building an UI for our local search app - PacktLocal
Saving venue information on the device
Building the app: PacktLocal
Time for action — building the app - PacktLocal
Understanding the Patch News API — HyperLocal News
Time for action — consuming the Patch News API
Time for action — adding the Geo Fencing support
Building our app - PacktNews
Time for action — building PacktNews
Social governance — an overview
TweetGovern — behind the scenes
Time for action — creating the UI for TweetGovern
Time for action — detecting the user location and showing nearby issues
Time for action — creating and voting for an issue


Zeeshan Chawdhary

Zeeshan Chawdhary has over 8 years of experience in the web, mobile, and location-based services space. With a career spanning from developing 3D mobile game development at IndiaGames to leading a location-based travel startup at iCityConcierge Ltd - as the chief technology officer, Zeeshan has been able to work on a lot of exciting technologies – with the focus on cutting edge travel technology. Among the key achievements Zeeshan has pioneered is the right mix of using Open Source and Proprietary software to create a technology stack based on the client’s need. He has developed location-based solutions for Nokia (for millions of hits per year) on a scalable cloud platform using Rackspace Cloud. He enjoys working with PHP, PostGIS, and PhoneGap. He has immense experience in making startups use location data effectively for their growth, from startups like Foursquare to hotel industry big-wigs like Marriott; from mobile giant Nokia to Airline king American Airlines, he has worked with them all. Zeeshan Chawdhary currently serves as the CTO of iCityConcierge Ltd., where he is currently working on creating the best personalized travel experience for travellers. He can be reached on Google at imzeeshanc@gmail.com