iPhone Applications Tune-Up

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  • Understand the basic principles of application performance and bottlenecks
  • Learn the benefits and techniques of performance-driven development
  • Analyze an application with proper benchmarking and measurement utilities
  • Identify iOS and device capabilities and limitations
  • Improve network and communications performance
  • Understand the common pitfalls caused by misuse of basic language syntax
  • Learn design patterns that can increase application simplicity and performance
  • Become more familiar with the object and component lifecycle
  • Use unit testing and exception handling to create better code
  • Store and recall data faster and more efficiently

The best iPhone applications are the ones that demonstrate smooth, fast, efficient and optimal performance. An application should be designed to run at 200 mph, but operate just as smoothly as it would at 5 mph. Developing an application that supports such a wide range of performance needs is no small task and requires an understanding of the basic elements of performance as well as a strong strategy.

This book covers every aspect of tuning, optimizing, and squeezing every last bit of performance out of an iOS project. From application architecture and design to development and deployment, readers will be guided through the entire process of tuning an iOS application for high performance.

Every line of code presents an opportunity to improve upon the effective performance of an application. This book begins with the fundamentals of performance, demonstrating the impact poor performance can have on the success of an application. Apple's App Store is riddled with applications that fall just short of success and it isn't too much of a stretch to attribute many of these failures to a lack of optimization. Readers will be lead through each chapter, learning every aspect of performance tuning from simple syntax tips and tricks to advanced process management, and network and memory optimizations.

In addition to theories, syntax, and detailed code examples, readers will learn to take advantage of Apple's powerful performance measurement and benchmarking utilities to identify the specific components of an iOS project that might need attention.

  • Tune up every aspect of your iOS application for greater levels of stability and performance
  • Improve the users' experience by boosting the performance of your app
  • Learn to use Xcode's powerful native features to increase productivity
  • Profile and measure every operation of your application for performance
  • Integrate powerful unit-testing directly into your development workflow
  • Learn everything from architecture and syntax to memory, network, and animation performance
Page Count 256
Course Length 7 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781849690348
Date Of Publication 10 Oct 2011


Loyal Moses

Loyal Moses is an accomplished business owner and entrepreneur as well as technical speaker, writer and multi-lingual developer with more than 20 years of programming experience on every major operating system platform. With a long and diverse technical background, Loyal has a wide-ranging set of both basic and advanced skills from network security and professional hacking to desktop, web, and mobile device development. Loyal is recognized as creating the first intrusion-detection and correlation App for both the iPhone and iPad to complement Aanval, his globally successful Snort and Syslog network intrusion management creation. Additionally, Loyal has designed, developed and published several profitable iOS applications, which remain available today on the Apple App Store. Loyal also semi-regularly maintains his personal blog, which can be found at http://www.loyalmoses.com.